LightCastle Partners Annual Team Iftar 2023

LightCastle Editorial Wing
April 20, 2023
LightCastle Partners Annual Team Iftar 2023

As the curtains start to fall on the holy month of Ramadan, the LightCastle Partners team gathered for the Annual Team Iftar 2023, which proved to be a beautiful and memorable evening. Held at the Nascent Gardenia Residence, the event brought together most of the LightCastle team.

The team took the time to unwind amidst a hectic month and bond with each other. As the time approached for everyone to break their fasts, the team members enjoyed a meal consisting of traditional dates, a number of refreshing drinks, and a buffet of both local and international dishes.

As we end this month of Ramadan 2023 on a positive note, we look forward to celebrating many more Ramadans together!

WRITTEN BY: LightCastle Editorial Wing

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