B-Briddhi Supports Better Incubation Services for Impact Enterprises

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May 4, 2021
B-Briddhi Supports Better Incubation Services for Impact Enterprises

Five incubators successfully completed the capacity-building program, supported by B-Briddhi. This virtual course assisted the incubators to be better equipped in providing customized services and launch their own virtual incubation program to support the young entrepreneurs and impact enterprises.

B-Briddhi is a multi-year partnership between the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh, Roots of Impact, LightCastle Partners, and other stakeholders, including investors, private sector organizations, incubators, and support organizations for impact enterprises.

The virtual graduation ceremony took place on Wednesday, 24th March 2021. Amongst other guests, Maxime Cheng, Lead of Market & Capacity Building Programmes at Roots of Impact, and Bijon Islam, Chief Executive Officer at LightCastle Partners, attended the event.

Cumulatively 27 impact enterprises graduated from the virtual incubation in 2020, equipped with better knowledge and resources to excel.

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Maxime Cheng, Lead Market & Capacity Building Programs at Roots of Impact, who is also the program manager of BBriddhi, said, “While 2020 has been a year with lots of physical limitations, it highlighted the value of the online incubation component being offered in BBriddhi. It is also delightful to see how local incubators have become more confident in the topics of impact management and investment readiness through the virtual training sessions of our Train-the-Trainer program, as well as the positive feedback from entrepreneurs participating in the Voucher Scheme program.”

Under the train-the-trainer program, 20 professionals received training on how to support enterprises to attract more investment and monitor the impact of their activities.

One of the participating entrepreneurs in the Bridge for Billions incubation platform, Bushra Anjum, Co-Founder of Wizkit said, “We want to make education fun for kids with Wizkit’s STEM-based curriculum and experimental kits. The incubation program has helped us to groom our startup’s business model for the better.”

Under the voucher program, nine impact enterprises received investment readiness and impact measurement and management service vouchers.

Watch the recorded ceremony here

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