Bangladeshi SMEs Participated in the “NY Now Winter Trade Show 2023” in New York to Exhibit Jute Diversified Products

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March 9, 2023
Bangladeshi SMEs Participated in the “NY Now Winter Trade Show 2023” in New York to Exhibit Jute Diversified Products


Fourteen Bangladeshi Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) participated in the “NY NOW Winter Trade Show 2023″ in New York City on February 5-8, 2023, to exhibit and promote Bangladeshi jute & natural fiber diversified products to North American buyers.

The USAID-funded Feed the Future Bangladesh Horticulture Activity partnered with Global Affairs Canada funded Women in Trade for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth (WIT) project implemented by TFO (Trade Facilitation Office) Canada and SME Foundation of Government of Bangladesh in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has abundant jute fiber for the jute diversified sector to flourish. Jute products are eco-friendly and have increasing demand in the international market. However, there needs to be more knowledge among the Bangladeshi jute diversified product manufacturers of the type and style of product that the global market demands.

Moreover, in some cases, SMEs need to gain knowledge of standard and compliant production practices required for the global market. As a result, many SMEs produce jute-based products, but their access to the global market is limited. This initiative will provide an excellent opportunity for these local SMEs to understand, learn, and design products for international buyers and provide an international platform for showcasing Bangladeshi products.

The initiative started with a 3-day long export readiness workshop titled ‘Canadian and International Market Access for the SMEs’ jointly organized by the USAID-funded Feed the Future Bangladesh Horticulture Activity and TFO Canada in association with their local partner- SME Foundation Bangladesh.

34 SMEs of the jute diversified sector participated in this workshop. Out of these SMEs, 14 are selected, based on predefined criteria, to participate in the NY NOW Winter Trade Show 2023.

The NY NOW Winter Trade Show attracts thousands of buyers from North America, thus providing an excellent opportunity for the participating SMEs to increase their exports. The fair will enhance the export potential of Bangladeshi jute and natural fiber products, creating more jobs and supporting the country’s economic growth.

Female Bangladeshi SME at the NY Now Winter Trade Show 2023
Female Bangladeshi SME at the NY Now Winter Trade Show 2023
Bangladeshi SMEs at the NY Now Winter Trade Show 2023


Feed the Future Bangladesh Horticulture Activity

The Activity aims to support the Government of Bangladesh’s food security objective by increasing private sector capacity to produce quality horticulture, fruits, and non-food crops like jute and natural fibres. The Activity will also strengthen the value chains, linking Bangladeshi smallholder commercial farmers/ artisans and other value chain actors towards increasing the efficiency of the market system to meet domestic and international market demands.

TFO Canada

Trade Facilitation Office (TFO) Canada is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve lives by creating sustainable trade partnerships for exporters from developing countries with Canadian and foreign buyers.

TFO Canada assists Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and Trade Support Institutions (TSls) from developing countries to access international markets through information, advice, and contact services.

Since 1980, TFO Canada’s internationally experienced project staff and sectoral experts have provided trade promotion and capacity-building service assistance to thousands of SMEs and TSls from Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

LightCastle Partners is the local coordinator for TFO Canada in planning & executing the intervention in Bangladesh.

SME Foundation

The Small & Medium Enterprise Foundation, widely known as SME Foundation, is a company limited by guarantee, licensed by the Ministry of Commerce as a not-for-profit organization, and registered under the Companies Act (Act XXVIII) of 1994. It is running under the guideline in the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

The Government of Bangladesh established the SME Foundation through the Ministry of Industries as an apex institution for SME development in the country. The major activities of the SME Foundation are the implementation of SME Policy Strategies adopted by the Bangladesh Government, policy advocacy and intervention for the growth of SMEs, facilitating financial support for SMEs, providing skill development and capacity building training, facilitating adaptation with appropriate technologies and access to ICT, providing business support services, etc.

It is worth noting here that the foundation is working to develop enterprises and entrepreneurs who belong to micro, small, and medium categories as per Industrial Policy 2022.


NY NOW takes place twice a year by Emerald Expositions and is open to trade only. Held in New York City in February and August each year, the show hosts nearly 2,800 global exhibiting companies showing the best lines across the home, lifestyle, and gift spectrum.

Introduction to the SMEs That Participated in the “NY Now Winter Trade Show 2023”

Aasiix International is a family business started by a woman with a vision to take Bangladeshi culture to global platforms. Their passion for bringing our culture to new heights has been their biggest motivation, working with a team that is equally enthusiastic about making a difference in the international market.

Adorsholipi is an initiative to produce diversified jute products to uphold jute as an asset for Bangladesh. Adorsholipi encourages the youth of Bede Polli to learn the craft and become valuable artisans.

Design by Rubina has made bags, shoes, and other items out of jute. People always love innovation in fashion, and carrying it in your Jute-made bag will undoubtedly add extra spice to your outfit.

Having all these jute-made items will make you feel a bit proud. We want to start each day in a new way. It could be new thinking, new goals, or your style.

Golden Jute Product aims to maintain a business that can produce high-quality jute diversified products but has a minimal impact on our environment. Quality and timely delivery with proper packaging of the products to give complete satisfaction to all the patrons, both at home and abroad, is also ensured. We believe in Quality and commitment.

Jermatz Limited was established to provide outstanding and personalized services to our buyers and customers. We have a strong team to handle jute materials, handicrafts, and home décor products. Jermatz is a modern, eco-friendly home décor brand.

Jute Land Bangladesh makes products from Jute and recycled cotton and uses artisans’ skills to craft indoor and outdoor decors.

Jutemart & Craft in Bangladesh Manufacture, supply, and export good quality and wide range and variety of cotton/jute/leather items – shopping bags, garden/kitchen tools bags, promotional bags, tote bags, ladies’ fashion bags, beach bags, room/beach slipper, wine bag, pillow cover, jute basket, nursery plant bag, Home Decor & Stationery Items, and more Household & Lifestyle Products

Jutemart International is a leading Bonafede exporter & manufacturer of Jute Bags and Jute diversified products from Bangladesh. The company was established in the year 2000. They have been exporting our products worldwide to the entire satisfaction of end users.

Karujog supports eco-conscious buyers with unique eco-friendly, and recyclable products at a fair price. Their handmade Bangladeshi handicrafts and extraordinary design remind us of our love for Bangladeshi heritage & culture. Most of Their craft products are made by disadvantaged and marginalized people, especially women.

Prokritee is a fair-trade company in Bangladesh. They support over 1,500 artisans in rural areas and use renewable materials such as recycled sari, waste jute, silk, handmade paper, natural fibers, and leaves for their products.

Sami’s World Bangladesh has been the frontrunner in the Bangladeshi jute industry with innovative products, a skilled workforce, and pioneering management. They are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery at all stages. Exporter and manufacturer of jute bags. Hessian bags, jute sacks, jute yarn, clothes, jute table runners, jute floor mats, jute baskets, and other products.

Sutar Kabbo Limited is an experienced and scrupulous team of professionals that assists us in offering excellent quality products to their valuable clients. They possess a thorough knowledge of their domains; they help us complete the varied demands of the clients within a fixed time frame. In addition, our professionals are selected on account of experience and knowledge.

The Jute Fibers BD is the most promising manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Jute diversified and traditional products in Dhaka, Bangladesh. With a worldwide client base, they are equipped to handle orders of any size and, if necessary, at short notice.

Tulika Eco manufactures and exports the best quality eco-friendly bags. They use jute as basic material. Most of the artisans in their factories are women.

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