Bijon Islam Attends Webinar to Discuss About the Change in the Economic Climate Post Covid-19

Rafayet Khan
April 15, 2021
Bijon Islam Attends Webinar to Discuss About the Change in the Economic Climate Post Covid-19

Bijon Islam, Co-founder & CEO of LightCastle, recently attended a webinar titled, ‘The Rise of Bangladesh as a Global Economy’ as a panelist for a session organized by Henley & Partners, which was held on April 10, 2021.

During the session, he discussed major pain points which the current economic climate is facing and how economic growth affected businesses in Bangladesh, emphasizing on the current middle income population’s importance in providing a large captive consumer base within the country. This large market, coupled with a growing young population, geo-strategically placed location, creates immense opportunities for businesses and international companies to assess their prospects. Furthermore, being part of the belt and road initiative, will also allow investors and businesses to reach out to other Asian economies through the Bangladeshi corridor.

Bijon also spoke about the impact of Covid-19 on Bangladeshi businesses and elaborated on how, despite negatively impacting SMEs, there has been a positive growth in the digital commerce front which disrupted the traditional channels and brought forth digital solutions which would otherwise have taken years to come. Bijon Islam went on to state that as the nation gets used to the digital economy, the change is here to stay as entrepreneurs are slowly taking advantage of digitization.

Moderated by Rory McDaid, Associate Director, Henley & Partners, the panelist included:

  • Bijon Islam, Co-Founder, CEO at LightCastle Partners
  • Samuel D Bretzfield, Founder, CEO at bGlobal
  • Saqeb Mahbub, Partner, Mahbub & Co.
  • Fairuz Khan, Client Advisor, Henley & Partners

WRITTEN BY: Rafayet Khan

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