Bijon Islam Delivers Keynote Presentation at Beyond 2020 Summit

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October 6, 2020
Bijon Islam Delivers Keynote Presentation at Beyond 2020 Summit

Bijon Islam, CEO of LightCastle Partners, recently attended a session titled “Bangladesh Hi-Tech Industries: Challenges and Opportunities” as the keynote speaker. The webinar was a part of a 3-day long youth skill development summit called BEYOND 2020, organized by Inspiring Bangladesh in association with the Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority.

The virtual summit focused on the Development of Youth Skills, the Startup Ecosystem, and Investment Opportunities in Bangladesh. The program was also supported by Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA).

Alongside Bijon Islam, the panel comprised esteemed guest speakers, including:

1. N M Zeaul Alam, Senior Secretary, ICT Division

2. Shaibal Chakrobarty, BCG India

3. Md Muiz Tasnim Taqui, Associate Vice President, Ernst & Young, Bangladesh

4. Mohammad Marbin, MD & CEO, Vibrant Software

5. Syed Rajib Imteaz, Head of Technology Origination, Matthews South

6. Imran Fahad, Founder, Inspiring Bangladesh

The session brought forth discussions about Bangladesh’s position in the regional Hi-Tech market, the limiting factors for growth, how local and global companies are transforming the Hi-Tech Industry, and how Bangladesh can attract investments in the future.

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Moreover, the panel talked about the prospering Hi-Tech industry and how similar initiatives can further accelerate Bangladesh’s growth.

The panelists unanimously emphasized branding Bangladesh as an aspiring digital hub to attract more global brands and foster the growth of local manufacturers of hardware and Hi-Tech products.

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