Bijon Islam Discusses the Prospects of Business Consultancy & Entrepreneurship with Spade Digital

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February 27, 2021
Bijon Islam Discusses the Prospects of Business Consultancy & Entrepreneurship with Spade Digital

Bijon Islam, Co-founder and CEO of LightCastle Partners, recently attended an online session, titled, “Business Consultancy and Entrepreneurship: Opportunities in Bangladesh”. The session focused on exploring the upcoming prospects of business consultancy and entrepreneurship in Bangladesh. Spade Academy arranged the online session, where the webinar is part of its ongoing efforts towards the vision of improving the skills of people in Bangladesh and helping tackle unemployment.

The discussion which was held on February 26, 2021, started off with a brief glimpse into the journey of LightCastle Partners and explored the current state of data analytics and business consultancy in Bangladesh. The favorability of Bangladesh for new businesses and its forthcoming opportunities for young entrepreneurs were also discussed. The conversation touched upon the state of businesses and the economy of Bangladesh during the ongoing pandemic, where Bijon Islam highlighted how Bangladesh has done well compared to other nations exhibited through the multiple sectors across the fields of education, health, and e-commerce that evolved during these trying times using technology. The event concluded with a Q&A session.

Watch the recording of the session here.

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