Bijon Islam Highlights the Rise of AI and it’s Potential in Bangladesh at The AI World Summit

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December 9, 2020
Bijon Islam Highlights the Rise of AI and it’s Potential in Bangladesh at The AI World Summit

On December 4, 2020, Bijon Islam recently took part in a webinar, hosted by the Centre of AI Innovation (CE.A.I) & MYFINB.COM, titled ‘AI-Ready Bangladesh’. The webinar was part of an ongoing series called, ‘The AI World Summit: Where Innovators & Disruptors Meet to Challenge Limits’. The summit, which started on November 30, 2020, was made up of 5 separate webinars and was expected to act as a unique global opportunity to explore the transformational potential of AI in the global landscape and find avenues to help create a smarter future.

AI World Summit

In this episode of the summit, which was based on the progress of AI in Bangladesh, Bijon Islam spoke about the potential of AI in the developing nation and possible ways of using AI to overcome the onslaught of the pandemic. Moreover, he also discussed the clear goal of the country’s national strategy paper for Artificial Intelligence (AI) which was released earlier this year, which he believed would create a more sustainable AI Ecosystem in the country.


The AI World Summit brought together the global AI community, sciences, tech, and AI experts as well as business leaders who sought to go beyond the buzz and hype, discuss the most burning AI issues, share their developments, successes, challenges, and the resultant impact on their businesses.

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