Bijon Islam, CEO of LightCastle Partners, recently attended a virtual session to shed light on the Social and Impact Entrepreneurship Landscape of Bangladesh. The session was organized by Youth Action, a youth-led non-profit organization which aims to initiate different welfare activities among the youth and make a difference in the society and the environment.

    The virtual discussion took place on September 5, 2020 and was aimed at enlightening the youth about social enterprises and how they are creating a significant impact.

    Bijon Islam shared his insights and opinions on how businesses are increasingly focusing on creating positive social and environmental impact alongside generating profit. In terms of the impact investing scenario in Bangladesh, Bijon Islam talked about how the tech startups of the country are attracting foreign investments by integrating the impact angle in their business models. He also touched upon how leading tech organizations like Facebook and Microsoft are contributing to enhance impact through impact investments.

    Watch the virtual discussion here.