Bijon Islam Speaks About The Impact of Entrepreneurship Mapping at Webinar Hosted by the EMK Center

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November 26, 2020
Bijon Islam Speaks About The Impact of Entrepreneurship Mapping at Webinar Hosted by the EMK Center
On the occasion of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, EMK Center, in association with ULAB and The Business Standard, organized a webinar series titled “Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Mapping: Process, Importance, and Experience” on November 24, 2020.
The virtual session mainly focused on the entrepreneurship ecosystem and the importance of mapping the budding entrepreneur’s experiences both from a global and local lens. Bijon Islam, Co-founder and CEO LightCastle Partners, was joined by fellow respected panelist Erik Azulay, Executive Director at Nexus Incubator, New Delhi, at the event.
EMK x LCP Event
During the webinar, Bijon Islam earmarked the aim of LightCastle, indicating that how it always focuses on the uprising sectors in the economy, publishing business confidence reports, and creating a better ecosystem for future entrepreneurs who will take Bangladesh forward in the coming years. He also spoke about the rising popularity of digital financing, especially during this pandemic, and how startups need to be watchful about their spending.

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The session was moderated by Asif U Ahmed, Assistant Professor, ULAB & Acting Director, EMK Center.
The session was also featured on the news; read about it here.

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