Biniyog Briddhi in collaboration with Bridge for Billions launches cohort-2 of Capacity Building Incubation Program

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July 11, 2021
Biniyog Briddhi in collaboration with Bridge for Billions launches cohort-2 of Capacity Building Incubation Program

Biniyog Briddhi launched the second cohort of the Bridge for Billions Program to offer a powerful digital ecosystem to incubate early-stage enterprises. In cohort-1 the program partnered with reputed incubators of the Bangladesh Startup Ecosystem; Truvalu, Better Stories, Bangladesh Angels, YY Ventures, and BYLC. The program is designed to provide impact entrepreneurs access to a powerful platform where they can work on viable business models and create a tangible, ready-to-use business plan. This year the program is partnering with 3 leading accelerators & incubators in the country.

  • BYLC Ventures: 

A venture capitalist institution dedicated to assisting passionate young founders with the launch of their innovative ideas. They provide technical support to validate a product or solution, as well as seed funding to enter the market faster. The firm’s acceleration support involves commercial space to work from, customized business training led by successful CEO-turned-mentors, and access to professional support.

  • Startup Chattogram: 

Startup Chattogram is a Chittagong-based business networking platform for early-stage entrepreneurs. It is intended to provide students and business enthusiasts with a focused understanding of specific business topics, social responsibilities, business ethics, and entrepreneurship skills.

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  • Turtle Venture:

An early-stage incubator, operating to educate growing young entrepreneurs, with expertise and network. It offers a platform to support the structure, legal, tech, market research, business consultancy, product review, and pitch deck development of young enterprises.

The key aspect of the Bridge for Billions methodology is mentor support. Mentors will provide individual support and meaningful feedback on the work that impacts enterprises produce throughout the program. As a way forward to the program, incubators will benefit from exposure to a more structured and standardized approach to capacity building, as well as more efficient use of their time and money.

Biniyog Briddhi is a multi-year partnership between the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh, Roots of Impact, LightCastle Partners, and other stakeholders including investors, private sector organizations, incubators, and support organizations for impact enterprises.

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