Biniyog Briddhi Partners with Apon Wellbeing Ltd.

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June 1, 2021
Biniyog Briddhi Partners with Apon Wellbeing Ltd.

B-Briddhi teams up with Apon Wellbeing Ltd., an omni channel marketplace, primarily operating discount stores inside large factories in Bangladesh. Through this partnership, Apon will receive financial support, through the Social Impact Incentive (SIINC) scheme, to scale-up their business and implement an impact monitoring system to better report on their social agenda. Apon provides discount and credit purchase facilities, using a point-based loyalty benefit, to the industrial workers. Currently, Apon operates 18 stores and serves more than 42’000 customers.

B-Briddhi is a multiyear partnership between the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh, Roots of Impact, LightCastle Partners and other stakeholders including investors, private sector organisations, incubators and support organisations for impact enterprises.

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B-Briddhi’s SIINCs are an innovative, grants-based catalytic funding instrument which social enterprises can avail to trigger investments while incentivising the entrepreneurs to stay true to their social mission.

The call for applications to avail these innovative financing instruments is now open for both early-stage and growth-stage impact enterprises until 12th May 2021. Please refer to the B-Briddhi website for further information:

The online signing ceremony took place on Tuesday, 13th April 2021 in Dhaka, where Bijon Islam, Chief Executive Officer at LightCastle Partners, Saif Rashid, Founder and Managing Director at Apon Wellbeing Ltd. with other management personnel of both the organization were present.

Saif Rashid, Founder and Managing Director said, “Biniyog Briddhi is a great initiative from Roots of Impact, LightCastle Partners and the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh which would help us to accelerate our impact initiatives more and also to grow faster. This is a timely initiative for all the social enterprises, like Apon, which obviously help developing our business while the social performance would be optimised.”

Bijon Islam, Chief Executive Officer at LightCastle Partners said, “We are very excited to mediate the Bangladeshi impact enterprises and scale-up companies to meet-up their social mission by establishing the sustainable business models.”

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