Bijon Islam Conducts Session for BYLC Accelerator Program: Navigating Market Research and Financial Management

LightCastle Editorial Wing
September 7, 2023
Bijon Islam Conducts Session for BYLC Accelerator Program: Navigating Market Research and Financial Management

Bijon Islam, the CEO and Co-founder of LightCastle Partners, recently conducted a session on Market Research and Financial Management focusing on customer discovery and market decoding for the 6th Cohort of BYLC Ventures’ Accelerator Program, which is a six-month accelerator program designed to empower promising startup founders in Bangladesh. 

The program focuses on honing leadership skills, refining business acumen, and validating innovative concepts to help startups successfully transition into investable enterprises. 

Participants gain access to seed funding, comprehensive six-month training in leadership and business development, networking and mentorship with industry experts, hands-on business support, and potential scale-up funding. 

Furthermore, the BYLC accelerator program focuses on fostering entrepreneurship through comprehensive support encompassing funding, education, mentorship, and resources.

Bijon Islam conducting session for BYLC accelerator program

During the initial phases of building and scaling their enterprises, startup founders need to rely heavily on market research, validation, and customer discovery. These essential processes work together to help them understand the dynamics of the target market, validate ideas, and improve offerings based on valuable insights from customers. 

Furthermore, it is crucial for startup founders to be adept at financial management and ensure that they can leverage their limited financial resources to scale. 

The session conducted by Bijon Islam recently aimed at helping budding entrepreneurs navigate both market research and financial management. It focused on approaches, frameworks, and models to gain an in-depth understanding of a business’s target market and provided insights into strategically organizing, controlling, and monitoring financial resources to achieve organizational goals.

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