Capturing Impact through Knowledge Management for VEI and Dhaka WASA WOP2 Project

Rasel Rana
February 16, 2022
Capturing Impact through Knowledge Management for VEI and Dhaka WASA WOP2 Project

Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (DWASA) and VEI Ltd. have collaborated for the second Water Operators’ Partnership (WOP) to provide safe, legal water for the residents of Dhaka city. LightCastle Partners has signed a contract with VEI for a knowledge management project titled “Water Operators’ Partnership (WOP)” Knowledge Hub Bangladesh’. This project aimed to develop a knowledge management platform in the form of a website for all WOP projects in Bangladesh, highlighting the experiences, takeaways, and successes. VEI has collaborated with the LightCastle Partners to address the knowledge gap that exists regarding WOP activities in Bangladesh. The platform is dedicated to capturing, sharing, and exchanging information and resources with national and international partners to accelerate the development of the water sector in Bangladesh through WOPs.

LightCastle Partners joined the WOP2 team on a field visit for a detailed inspection of the ongoing project on 9th February 2022. The main objective of the field visit was to document the results of accommodating the ongoing and completed activities in the Low-income Community (LIC) areas.

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The LightCastle team visited the LIC areas of Dhamalkot and Sagorika in Mirpur-14 to interview the beneficiaries of the WOP2 project. Shirin Ara Begum, the LIC instructor from the WOP2 team, accompanied the LightCastle Partners team. In addition to interviewing them, the LightCastle team visited the workshop on the caretaker training given to the LIC members. Furthermore, the demonstrator provided training to the community members on implementing effective measures from their side to ensure a safe, clean water supply. This is also an initiative by WOP2 taken under the improved provision of water services and hygiene promotion in the LIC areas of Mirpur 14, Dhaka.

WOP_LIC Caretaker Training

Previously, the people living in these areas suffered greatly from adequate water insufficiency. One of the key objectives of the WOP2 project was to minimize the number of illegal connections. Furthermore, they aimed to provide the people with water for sanitation and safe drinking. Their feedback works as the core element in evaluating the efficiency of the project.

LIC Beneficiaries of VEI_WOP project

Following this, the teams visited the LIC of Bhashantek to observe and examine the cleaning process arranged by the DWASA District Metered Area (DMA) Caretaker Team. The LightCastle team accompanied the Caretaker Team staff from DWASA during this event.

Ongoing cleaning process of the bulk water chambers in LIC areas of Mirpur-14 by the DMA Caretaker Team

The DWASA pump adjacent to Rajanigandha Tower, Kachukhet, was the fourth location chosen for the field visit. Checking the operation method of the pump was the primary reason for visiting this site. In addition, the DMA Manager and the Deputy Managers of MODS Zone 10 provided their insightful inputs on the functions, facilities, challenges, and recommendations related to this project.

Maintenance operations at the DWASA pump of Mirpur-14

DWASA International Training Center, located at Mirpur 10, was the last destination of the field visit. The LightCastle Partners team interviewed the DMA Manager and DMA Deputy Managers of MODS Zone 10. They shared their experiences working with the WOP2 team and some of their key successes, challenges, and recommendations.

Operations, discussions, and training activities during the field visit by LightCastle Partners and DWASA-VEI WOP2

Resources and materials of WOP projects of Bangladesh are documented by the platform WOP Knowledge Hub Bangladesh. This works as a repository to accelerate the development of the water sector of Bangladesh, and pave the path for future WOP projects. The field visit by LightCastle Partners has successfully delivered insights on the WOP2 project by DWASA and VEI, which will provide valuable input for the knowledge management platform.

WOP Knowledge Hub Bangladesh: 

LightCastle Partners joined the WOP2 team on a field visit for a detailed inspection of the ongoing project

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