IFC Project: Tackling Childcare in Bangladesh

Rasel Rana
April 15, 2019
IFC Project: Tackling Childcare in Bangladesh

LightCastle Partners is currently conducting a study for assessing the prospects and challenges of offering childcare facilities in Bangladesh for employers, as part of IFC’s ‘Tackling Childcare’ project. The study will analyze findings from 300 plus interviews with employers and different stakeholders. Results from the analysis will reveal the awareness level of employers in terms of their knowledge of relevant labor laws, as well as their understanding and perceptions on facilitating childcare support. Based on the primary study, LightCastle will suggest strategic and market driven solutions for bringing about systemic changes.

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IFC has implemented the ‘Tackling Childcare’ in neighboring countries such as Sri Lanka and India as well as economies in the Western World such as Germany and the United States. The projects identified the different types of childcare facilities offered in each country, and the effect of the facilities on the corporations’ growth and female labor force. By implementing the project in Bangladesh, IFC hopes to play an important role in shaping childcare policy in the country and consequently aid in boosting female labor force participation.

WRITTEN BY: Rasel Rana

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