Bridging Opportunities: LightCastle at East West Career Fair 2024

LightCastle Editorial Wing
March 4, 2024
Bridging Opportunities: LightCastle at East West Career Fair 2024

LightCastle Partners had the honor of participating in a day-long career fair and job search event at East West on February 10, 2024. The fair attracted 87 distinguished companies, with LightCastle being one of them. Notably, this event extended its invitation beyond East-West University students, welcoming attendees from other universities.

Guests of the Job Fair Event
Speech during the Job Fair event

The primary objective of the fair was to build a bridge between campuses to corporates, presenting diverse opportunities under one umbrella. Approximately 3000 candidates attended, establishing connections with different corporate entities.

LightCastle Team at the Stall
Students visiting the LightCastle Stall
Students connecting with LightCastle

The event started with a one-hour welcoming session, followed by the formal inauguration at 11 am. A significant number of individuals visited our booth, familiarizing themselves with LightCastle, inquiring about current and recurring job openings, and taking the opportunity to apply for specific positions or leave their details for future consideration.

Crest presented to LightCastle

After lunch, a small token of appreciation was presented with a crest for our engagement. As a leading consulting firm, LightCastle Partners received recognition for its involvement in the fair and for engaging with students and addressing their queries.

Many attendees expressed a keen interest in our projects, particularly highlighting SheSTEM and Bunon. Representing LightCastle Partners at the event were Nuzhat Naoshin– HR Officer, and Sameen Tajwar– Trainee Consultant.

Our objective is to connect with students from diverse backgrounds and institutions, introducing them to LightCastle and encouraging them to consider joining our team. This approach aims to foster a more inclusive corporate culture.

For those who couldn’t attend the event but are interested in applying for current openings or being considered for future opportunities at LightCastle Partners, we invite you to visit our careers page and stay connected with our social media channels for updates on potential openings.

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