LightCastle Concludes Accelerator Program (Batch-1) for WorldFish Bangladesh in Rajshahi

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December 5, 2020
LightCastle Concludes Accelerator Program (Batch-1) for WorldFish Bangladesh in Rajshahi

LightCastle Partners successfully completed the Demo Day of the “Aquaculture Entrepreneurship Scale-Up Program” in partnership with WorldFish Bangladesh on December 3, 2020, at BRAC Learning Center Rajshahi.

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At the event, 21 shortlisted aquaculture entrepreneurs shared their business models and future plans with potential investors and market experts with a view to scaling up their businesses. The judges’ panel included Bijon Islam, CEO at LightCastle Partners, Fahad Ifaz, Cofounder and CEO at iFarmer, Abu Darda, CEO at, Ahmed Zaman, Technical Officer at WorldFish Bangladesh, and Selim Reza, Regional Manager at RRF

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The judges picked out the best performing participant, who they believed had the highest potential and received an investment of BDT 50,000 from LightCastle Partners. This seed investment is intended to give them support for their business growth.

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