LightCastle Partners Celebrates 10 Years of Data-Driven Impact with a Family Night BBQ Dinner Event

LightCastle Editorial Wing
February 26, 2023
LightCastle Partners Celebrates 10 Years of Data-Driven Impact with a Family Night BBQ Dinner Event

LightCastle Partners was founded 10 years ago on the 13th of February, 2013, with a mission to advance sustainable and inclusive growth in Bangladesh through data-driven impact. While there is much more to be accomplished and miles to go before that vision is realized, the LightCastle team recently celebrated 10 years of data-driven impact and growth by hosting a Family Night BBQ Dinner event at its headquarters. 

The organization chose to celebrate this incredible milestone not just with members of the LightCastle team but also invited their family members, which made the evening all the more special. 

LightCastle Team Family Members
LightCastle Team & Family

On top of all that, like any other LightCastle celebration, the evening included a ton of sumptuous food, enjoyable company, lively conversations, musical performances, reminiscences of the journey so far, and many more memorable moments. 

LightCastle Family Night Games Session

Most notably, all the little ones present at the event were given gift hampers, and the winners of the intense and fiercely competitive games session were felicitated with awards. 

LightCastle Family Night Award Ceremony

The awards ceremony was followed by a small cake-cutting ceremony, a few recollections from the journey so far, some reflections on the way forward, and the highly-anticipated buffet dinner.

LightCastle Family Night Cake Cutting Ceremony

While we celebrated our 10 years of data-driven impact with our tight-knit group of team members and their families, we would like to extend a note of thanks to everyone who has been a part of this journey and helped LightCastle come this far, including but not limited to our valued clients, partners, readers, followers, alumni, and well-wishers. 

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