LightCastle Partners, Grundfos and BRAC UK Join Hands to Promote Access to Clean Drinking Water in Bangladesh

LightCastle Editorial Wing
August 28, 2023
LightCastle Partners, Grundfos and BRAC UK Join Hands to Promote Access to Clean Drinking Water in Bangladesh

LightCastle Partners have partnered with Grundfos and BRAC UK to develop a commercially viable approach that will catalyze access to clean drinking water across the nation, addressing a critical need and advancing sustainable development in Bangladesh. The project encompasses a comprehensive set of objectives across both supply-side and demand-side areas, while exploring potential tools for innovative financing covering three scopes:

  1. Supply-Side Areas: Understand stakeholders’ sentiments regarding legal and policy barriers surrounding water treatment plants (WTPs) and effluent treatment plants (ETPs), while mapping investor interest, challenges, and opportunities for investments in these facilities.
  2. Demand-Side Areas: Analyze barriers hindering financing support for WTPs and ETPs, identifying required support mechanisms to enable these facilities to serve underserved communities effectively.
  3. Innovative Financing Tools: Explore innovative financing tools, particularly blended finance models, to address demand and supply gaps within the water sector, fostering transformative and impactful financing solutions

In summary, the project is geared towards understanding stakeholder sentiment, investor appetite, financing barriers, support requirements, and innovative financing tools. By fulfilling these objectives, it aspires to usher in transformative changes within the water treatment and effluent treatment segments, ultimately contributing to enhanced accessibility and sustainability in water management.

Read some of the case studies detailing our prior interventions in promoting access to clean water:

  1. Mapping Bangladesh’s Water Service Delivery Landscape
  2. Implementing Clean Water Business Model
  3. Accessibility to Safe Drinking Water

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