Celebrating Excellence: LightCastle Partners Honors Outstanding Team Members

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December 18, 2023
Celebrating Excellence: LightCastle Partners Honors Outstanding Team Members

LightCastle Partners recently organized a short award ceremony to recognize and appreciate the dedication and outstanding performance of their colleagues. The event took place during the Pitha Utshob celebration on Wednesday, November 13th, 2023. While we acknowledge the contributions of the entire team, the ceremony focused on highlighting the exceptional efforts of specific individuals throughout the year.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to team members who consistently provide excellent input and add value to our endeavors. This recognition serves as a small token of motivation and encouragement for everyone, fostering a positive atmosphere and inspiring others to emulate such dedication.

The atmosphere during the ceremony was festive, with all members present to enjoy and celebrate the occasion. The vibrant decorations and lively music contributed to the overall jubilant atmosphere, creating a memorable event that resonated with the spirit of unity and achievement. The overall cultural initiatives added to the cheerful mood which further heightened the energy and anticipation among everyone during the award ceremony.

LightCastle Partners Honors Outstanding Team Members

As a gesture of gratitude, the senior management expressed their appreciation for the hard work of the awardees and presented them with a nominal honorarium. Congratulations to Rafayet Khan– Senior Business Consultant, Ameera Fairooz– Business Analyst, Omar Farhan Khan– Senior Business Consultant and Project Manager, Mizan Talukdar– Office Assistant, Md. Mubassir Rahman– Senior Business Consultant and Project Manager, and Priyo Pranto– Business Consultant, for your outstanding contributions. Keep up the excellent work and continue putting in your best effort.

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