LightCastle Partners Organizes the Inaugural Meta #SheMeansBusiness Online Workshop

LightCastle Editorial Wing
February 16, 2023
LightCastle Partners Organizes the Inaugural Meta #SheMeansBusiness Online Workshop

As a part of the scale-up of Meta’s #SheMeansBusiness program in Bangladesh, LightCastle Partners organized the inaugural online workshop on February 8th, 2023, in collaboration with Aspire to Innovate (a2i) of the ICT Division and Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BWCCI).

A total of 71 female entrepreneurs from a range of industries, including retail, hospitality, and manufacturing, participated in this online workshop. The workshop was conducted by Mustafa Hamid and Mrinmoy Sobhan, two Meta-certified trainers on the LightCastle team. 

The participants were taught concepts on how they could better manage their online marketing practices and leverage various digital tools to grow their business online and beyond.

This online workshop marks the start of online workshops, which are a part of the scale-up of the #SheMeansBusiness program in Bangladesh. Through the program, LightCastle and its partners will give female entrepreneurs the knowledge, contacts, and technology needed to launch and expand their ventures. 

The global campaign ‘SheMeansBusiness’ is presently operating in 38 nations. More than a million women have received training worldwide from Meta and its network of partners. Additionally, to create further opportunities for enterprises, LightCastle, a2i, and BWCCI will also support policy advocacy among pertinent stakeholders for digital commerce.

LightCastle Partners, a2i, and BWCCI will conduct 6 online training sessions during the first year of the scale-up. The workshops aim to enable participants from anywhere in Bangladesh to access the sessions. Previously, the consortium also conducted 23 in-person sessions across 7 divisions as a part of the scale-up, training over 700 female entrepreneurs. To further promote learning, LightCastle and its partners will develop on-demand educational content that female entrepreneurs can access whenever they want. 

The #SheMeansBusiness program’s first year aims to positively impact 10,000 female-run businesses in Bangladesh.

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