TFO & LightCastle signs agreement

    LightCastle Partners (LCP) has recently signed a contract with Trade Facilitation Office (TFO) Canada for the project titled, “Export Launchpad Bangladesh: International Trade Capacity Building and Market Access Support Program”, which is an initiative funded by the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC).

    Export Launchpad Bangladesh aims to develop human resources in the field of international trade and to equip the local Trade Support Institutions, Trade Promotion Organizations and Business Support Organizations (TSIs/TPOs/BSOs) with the capacity to deliver trade training and support services to Bangladeshi exporters and potential exporters. The first component of this program is a series of Training of Trainers (ToT) sessions, which aims to establish an exporter training platform implemented through the lead and associated TSIs/TPOs/BSOs and designed to develop their technical skills in the field of international trade and equip them with the capacity to deliver trade training and support services to Bangladeshi Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) exporters in a manner that will help these SMEs to grow their export activities and contribute to the sustainable economic development of Bangladesh.

    The second project/component is focused on preparing and strengthening the capabilities of Bangladeshi SMEs and their products in order to access the Canadian market. The primary direct beneficiaries of the second component will be SMEs (women and men-owned/led) in the identified sectors in Bangladesh. The Export Launchpad program proposes to address key constraints faced by SMEs with a particular emphasis on women-led SMEs and women-led small businesses. The rationale for this “aid-for-inclusive trade” project is to facilitate change towards an improved trade environment and leverage exports from developing countries such as Bangladesh. It is expected that following successful completion of the program, SME exporters from Bangladesh will be supported in diversifying their exports in terms of non-traditional products and markets to achieve sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

    LCP is supporting TFO Canada as the local implementation partner by coordinating the selection of participants, facilitating the training delivery process and supporting communications aspects of the Export Launchpad program.

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