LightCastle Pitha Utshob: A Cultural Feast Fostering Team Bonding

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December 20, 2023
LightCastle Pitha Utshob: A Cultural Feast Fostering Team Bonding

LightCastle Partners recently arranged a year-end traditional Bengali ‘Pitha Utshob’ event that brought a part of the rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh to the office on Wednesday, November 13th, 2023. The joyous celebration revolved around the preparation and savoring of traditional Bengali pithas offering a delightful break from the typical office routine for a brief moment.

The office space was transformed into a vibrant and colorful display of Bangladeshi culture with the help of the LightCastle team. The walls were adorned with a vibrant tapestry of traditional Bengali aesthetics, creating an atmosphere that seamlessly blended cultural richness with festivity. Colorful handmade banners, adorned with intricate patterns and symbols inspired by Bengali art, hung gracefully, adding a touch of authenticity to the ambiance. The centerpiece was dedicated as the Pitha counter having different kinds of pithas to choose from. 

LightCastle Pitha Utshob

A diverse array of pithas, ranging from the classic Pati Shapta to the sweet and savory Bhapa Pitha with many others adorned the table from one end to the other. The arrangement blossomed into a joyous celebration, featuring a delightful assortment of pithas, accompanied by the harmonious tunes of music and the shared laughter of the team. The team’s connection deepened during the Pitha Utshob as colleagues came together to appreciate and enjoy the traditional Bengali event. The occasion overall became a communal moment, where colleagues bonded over the diverse flavors of the traditional sweets by sharing impressions and preferences creating a relaxed atmosphere and allowing for conversations that extended beyond the usual work topics. 

LightCastle Partners also arranged a short award ceremony to recognize and appreciate the dedication and outstanding performance of their colleagues. Pitha Utshob at LightCastle was not just an office event but also a celebration of cultural diversity, teamwork, and the joy of sharing traditional delicacies.

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