LightCastle Presents Findings at “Agricultural Mechanization in Bangladesh – The Future”

Rasel Rana
March 30, 2022
LightCastle Presents Findings at “Agricultural Mechanization in Bangladesh – The Future”

Cereal Systems Initiatives for South Asia-Mechanization Extension Activity (CSISA-MEA) project, under the Feed the Future (FtF) initiative– jointly implemented by The International CIMMYT, iDE Bangladesh, and Georgia Institute of Technology– commissioned LightCastle Partners to conduct a study on Assessing Current and Alternative Financing Products and Delivery Channels in the Agriculture Market. 

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A two-day conference titled: ‘Agricultural Mechanization in Bangladesh – The Future’ was held at a local hotel last week. The session was chaired by Dr. F H Ansary, Managing Director of ACI Motors Ltd. and President of its Agribusiness Division. The materials presented were brought up as talking points in the panel discussion sessions that followed. 

On behalf of LightCastle, Tamanna Shahnowaz Sohanee, Senior Business Consultant & Project Manager, presented the findings from the study on the second day of the event. The study identified the bottlenecks of the current financing practices in the Agri-Mechanization industry and proposed alternative financing models and delivery channels for enhancing access to finance for Agricultural Based Light Engineering enterprises, machinery service providers, and dealers. 

The recommendations from the study catered around alternative financing solutions that will drive up the adoption of machinery in the agriculture sector of Bangladesh.  

WRITTEN BY: Rasel Rana

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