LightCastle Partners Annual Strategy Retreat 2023, Cox’s Bazar

LightCastle Editorial Wing
February 15, 2023
LightCastle Partners Annual Strategy Retreat 2023, Cox’s Bazar

The LightCastle Partners team recently spent 3 days in Cox’s Bazar for the LightCastle Annual Strategy Retreat 2023. The trip was marked by several team-building activities, leisure activities, and an adequate dose of much-needed downtime for everyone. 

For the purposes of the team-building activities, the LightCastle team was subdivided into 6 cross-functional teams comprised of members from all the different departments in the organization. 

The two major team-building activities included a beachside sandcastle-building exercise and a half-day strategy workshop. During the first exercise, the teams had to build the best sandcastle model to represent the future LightCastle headquarters that they would like to see in 10 years. On the other hand, the half-day strategy workshop entailed each team brainstorming, developing, and presenting a new initiative or line of business that the organization should pursue. 

LightCastle team members during the beach activity
LightCastle team members during the strategy workshop

In both cases, the judges reviewed all the presentations and chose one team as the winner for each. Both the winning teams received gifts, adulation, and appreciation but the winning team in the strategy workshop will receive the added privilege of witnessing their idea come to life as the company will soon implement their idea. 

The LightCastle Partners team enjoying the Aquaholic Caravan ride

In addition to these team-building exercises, there were a lot of fun and exciting leisure activities such as the day-long Aquaholic Tourist Caravan bus ride. The whole team journeyed across the scenic Marine Drive in an open-top bus while enjoying delicious food, refreshments, lively conversations, uplifting music, and a lot of time to make stops, take pictures, and bond with each other.

The LightCastle Partners team enjoying some downtime near the beach

Overall, the trip gave everyone the chance to deepen their ties to each other, de-stress, and return to another year of pushing the envelope and aiming toward greater heights with renewed energy, motivation, and zest.

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