LightCastle signs an agreement with GAIN

Rasel Rana
November 13, 2019
LightCastle signs an agreement with GAIN

LightCastle Partners has recently signed a contract with GAIN to organize the national chapter of the global SUN Pitch Competition 2019-20. Through this competition, top three Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) that can provide big, inspiring and disruptive solutions to the food system innovation challenges will be identified.

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LightCastle will support GAIN by running roadshows to seek out 20 SMEs, undertaking pre-incubation session to provide shortlisted applicants with the business development support and coordinate an investor night to support these SMEs. In addition, LightCastle will organize a final event to select the winner of the SUN Pitch Competition, Bangladesh.

WRITTEN BY: Rasel Rana

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