LightCastle Signs Contract with Start Network to Provide Due Diligence Support for Strengthening Humanitarian Assistance in Bangladesh

Rasel Rana
November 9, 2022
LightCastle Signs Contract with Start Network to Provide Due Diligence Support for Strengthening Humanitarian Assistance in Bangladesh

LightCastle Partners has recently signed a contract with Start Network to contextualize its tiered international due diligence framework for Bangladesh and thus, enable local NGOs to participate in an assessment process for obtaining the Network’s membership and getting access to humanitarian aid.

Start Network is a collaborative platform of 50 humanitarian organizations working in 200 countries and territories throughout the world. The Network aims to transform humanitarian action through innovation, fast funding, early intervention, and localization.

The Opportunity

Considering the importance of locally-led humanitarian responses during crises, Start Network has started its transition from a centralized model to a decentralized strategy of establishing regional and national hubs to support humanitarian efforts.

Local, national, and international organizations that are based in the same country or region will form these hubs. They will define their own crisis solutions and will be supported by the global Start Network platform.

To become a member of the Start Network, organizations have to go through a tiered due diligence procedure that categorizes the organizations into three tiers and determines their level of access to different programs and support offered by the Network.

Our Intervention

LightCastle Partners will review Start Network’s due diligence framework and make recommendations for adjustments in the local context. Upon consultation with relevant stakeholders, LightCastle will create a country-level due diligence module for Bangladesh.

To validate this module and integrate it into Start Network’s core framework, a team of experts from LightCastle will conduct a due diligence assessment and sanctions list vetting of 10 organizations engaged in humanitarian response in the country.

The Future

A tailored due diligence framework for humanitarian organizations operating from Bangladesh will help them leverage Start Network’s resources and access quick funding to ensure timely response to under-the-radar crises and rapid mobilization of humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable communities in the country.

Furthermore, LightCastle’s efforts will inspire local organizations to focus on strengthening organizational capacity and adhering to international compliance standards in order to join a global humanitarian network and access a larger pool of funding prospects.

WRITTEN BY: Rasel Rana

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