LightCastle Attends Cohort-03 of the ‘Startup Dhaka Accelerator’

LightCastle Editorial Wing
December 28, 2023
LightCastle Attends Cohort-03 of the ‘Startup Dhaka Accelerator’

Omar Farhan Khan, Senior Business Consultant and Project Manager at LightCastle Partners attended the third batch of the ‘Startup Dhaka Accelerator’ program run by Startup Dhaka as one of the key panelists. 

LightCastle Partners, in line with its long-standing commitment to supporting the startup ecosystem in Bangladesh, has been a strategic partner of this intensive program designed to help startups connect with industry experts, investors, and other startup ecosystem stakeholders to get the support they need to grow.

Omar Farhan Khan, Senior Business Consultant and Project Manager at LightCastle Partners

The 6-week program aims to assist small-to-medium ICT-based firms in the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) stage to progress to the investment readiness stage. The program includes expert mentoring and networking opportunities, enabling founders to create an investment-ready pitch deck for investors and navigating areas such as financial management and product development.

During the demo day, about 15 startups, operating in sectors such as Healthcare, Agri-tech, and Edu-tech, showcased their innovative ideas and business models. The participating companies included both recently launched startups and those with 2 to 3 years of established presence in their respective industries. The event provided a platform for these diverse enterprises to present their pitches and engage with potential investors and partners.

During the investor pitch, the startups presented their business model, revenue generation strategy, current company momentum, market valuation, investment ask, projected growth potential, etc. 

As a panelist, Omar Farhan Khan skillfully moderated discussions around managing a growing startup, raising investments, opportunities within the ecosystem, and more. He played a key role in actively evaluating startup pitches and offering constructive feedback to refine strategies. Moreover, he shared his personal experiences to inspire and motivate startup founders, contributing significantly to the overall success of the program.

LightCastle Attends Cohort-03 of the ‘Startup Dhaka Accelerator’

In addition to Omar Farhan Khan, discerning analysts of IDLC Asset Management Limited, Waheed R Chaudhuri and Ahnaf Sadat Zakari, played a pivotal role in guiding the startups during the event. The panelists collectively decided to determine the selection of companies for the top five positions.

The startups that participated in the program include –  Booktionary, cliQnpay, DOOZO APPS, Farmerly Bangladesh, HASAN IT/ Khelahobe, Journeymaker Limited,, Millenial Digital Service, Ostadjee EdTech Limited, Ovigo, Reserveit BD, Romatoo, Run International, Sasthya Seba Limited, Tanzu, Pure Harvest.

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