LightCastle to Conduct Suitability Study in Key City Corporations and Municipalities

LightCastle Analytics Wing
August 5, 2021
LightCastle to Conduct Suitability Study in Key City Corporations and Municipalities

LightCastle Partners signed a contract with BRAC for the research project titled, “Urban poverty mapping, Need and Suitability Analysis for Future Urban Programming”. LightCastle will support BRAC’s Urban Development Program (UDP) by conducting a suitability study on selected city corporations and municipalities in Bangladesh.

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The current situation of key city corporations will be assessed by adopting a mixed-method approach with the ultimate aim to make the cities more inclusive, safe, and sustainable through the nurturing of wellbeing, reduction of multidimensional poverty, and supporting the exercising of peoples’ rights.

LightCastle plans to execute this phase of the study, prior to the implementation of Phase 2 of BRAC’s ‘Engaging Multi-sectoral Partners for Creating Opportunities, Improving Wellbeing and Realizing Rights of the Urban Poor’ (EMPOWER) Project. EMPOWER aims to mitigate deprivation in urban Low-Income Communities using multi-dimensional poverty combating strategies. The current phase of the project is expected to end by the end of this calendar year.

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