Ms. Anita Ghazi Rahman Joins as an Independent Director at LightCastle Partners

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April 23, 2021
Ms. Anita Ghazi Rahman Joins as an Independent Director at LightCastle Partners

LightCastle is delighted to welcome Ms. Anita Ghazi Rahman as an Independent Director at LightCastle Partners. She has joined us this month as part of the LightCastle board.

Anita Rahman is the founder and partner of The Legal Circle, a renowned firm of barristers, advocates and legal consultants specializing in representing clients in Bangladesh, and the founder of Think Legal Bangladesh, a free, open and crowd-sourced web-based legal resources platform. She is also the founder and publisher of Legal Circle Law Reports (LCLR), as well as a qualified Advocate of the Apex Court, the Appellate Division of the Bangladesh Supreme Court.

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She boasts tremendous experience, having previously served as an Independent Director for the Chittagong Stock Exchange, Golden Harvest Agro Industries Limited, and is a Member of the National Advisory Board for Impact Investment in Bangladesh. Throughout her career, she has been a key figure in the startup ecosystem, as well as serving on the Boards of a number of non-profits and professional associations, including the Board of iSocial, Jaago Foundation, Samdani Art Foundation, and Bangladesh Angels Network (BAN).

We welcome Ms. Anita on board and look forward to greater collaborations in the coming years.

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