JICA and Dream Incubator, along with LightCastle Partners, Hosts Networking Dinner for Social Impact Startups

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December 5, 2023
JICA and Dream Incubator, along with LightCastle Partners, Hosts Networking Dinner for Social Impact Startups

 Representatives from Dream Incubator, LightCastle Partners, alongside the distinguished invitees, graced the networking dinner with their presence.

On 6th November 2023, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Dream Incubator (DI), in collaboration with LightCastle Partners, hosted a networking dinner dedicated to fostering collaborations with key stakeholders in Bangladesh’s startup ecosystem. The guest list included representatives from social impact startups, venture capital firms, angel investor networks, and government initiatives.

As the world’s largest bilateral aid agency, JICA operates in 152+ countries, overseeing Japan’s ODA. Since its inception in Bangladesh in 1972, JICA has been a key player in socio-economic development. With diverse modalities such as technical cooperation, ODA loans, and grants, JICA has become Bangladesh’s third-largest ODA partner, contributing to inclusive and dynamic development.

Dream Incubator Inc. is a Japan-based company mainly engaged in the consulting and investment businesses. Under the mission of “Create businesses and change societies,” Dream Incubator provides value through business products to all its clients and society.

As part of the initiative titled “Data Collection and Confirmation Study on the Concretization of Social Startup Support Mechanisms in Asia,” JICA and Dream Incubator are collaborating to craft an impactful strategy for supporting and engaging with social impact startups in Bangladesh.

The key aim of the program is to actively engage with key stakeholders, fostering opportunities for collaboration that will contribute to the dynamic growth of Bangladesh’s startup landscape.

 Kazuhiro Nakashoji, Director at Dream Incubator Vietnam, delivered an engaging address to the dinner attendees, sharing insights and perspectives on the collaborative efforts underway in the startup ecosystem.

The networking dinner served as an opportunity for the largest social impact startups in Bangladesh to explore opportunities to collaborate for strengthened impact with development partners, investors and policymakers. 

The discussions of the evening centered on identifying challenges confronted by social impact startups and creatively exploring solutions in collaboration with key stakeholders in the ecosystem. The collaborative environment nurtured open dialogue, enabling participants to share valuable insights and ideas, further strengthening the connections between international organizations and the dynamic startup ecosystem in Bangladesh.

The social impact startups present at the event were: 

  • iPage, an AgriTech startup focusing on giving more than 1,000 farmers a better understanding of their soil for 41% better profitability
  • MedEasy, the country’s largest digital healthcare provider and pharmacy.
  • Drinkwell, a technology-driven social enterprise that powers safe drinking water infrastructure

Distinguished attendees also included representatives from Build Bangladesh, Anchorless Bangladesh, IDLC Finance, and Bangladesh Angels.

As conversations flowed and connections were forged, the networking dinner became a discussion platform for meaningful collaborations to identify potentials for propelling the social impact startup sector in Bangladesh toward new heights. The event showcased the importance of impactful collaborations, contributing to the ongoing efforts to create a robust and supportive ecosystem for startups in Bangladesh. 

The cordial invitation brought together a diverse group of influential individuals. Among the participants were:

  1. Kazuhiro Nakashoji, Director, Dream Incubator Vietnam
  2. Pawan Lakhwani, Principal, Dream Incubator India
  3. Aki Mitsuboshi, Manager, Dream Incubator Vietnam
  4. Shashank Rawat, Associate Manager, Dream Incubator India
  5. Bijon Islam, CEO, LightCastle Partners
  6. Mustafa Hamid, Business Consultant, LightCastle Partners
  7. Ameera Fairooz, Business Analyst, LightCastle Partners
  8. Nazmul Hossain, CTO, MedEasy
  9. S.M. Nayamatullah, Financial Analyst, MedEasy
  10. Mamun or Rashid, VP – Operations, MedEasy
  11. Mashrur Hossain Shurid, CEO & Co-Founder, iPage
  12. Md. Saddam Hossain Rony, Assistant Manager Operations & Coordination, Drinkwell
  13. Masheeate Rahman, Product Engineer, Drinkwell
  14. Nabi Nawaz, HR, Drinkwell
  15. Erad Kawsar, Executive Director, Build Bangladesh
  16. Hasan A. Arif, Head of Portfolio Investment, Startup Bangladesh Limited
  17. Md Adnan Dewan, Investment Manager, Startup Bangladesh Limited
  18. Mohi Zaman, Principal, Anchorless Bangladesh
  19. Ahmed Jawad Yusuf, Advisory Lead, Bangladesh Angels
  20. Javed Noor, General Manager, IDLC Finance

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