PoultryTech Bangladesh Facilitates Nourish-SASSO Poultry Trial in Modhupur, Tangail, Bangladesh

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September 11, 2023
PoultryTech Bangladesh Facilitates Nourish-SASSO Poultry Trial in Modhupur, Tangail, Bangladesh

PoultryTechBangladesh is a public-private partnership of leading Dutch and Bangladeshi companies active in various parts of the poultry value chain. The partnership aims to strengthen business relations between stakeholders in the Dutch and Bangladeshi poultry value chain, resulting in increased trade, investment, and cooperation and contributing to a more competitive and sustainable poultry sector in Bangladesh.

The programme is co-funded by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Larive International and LightCastle Partners are the coordinating partners of the consortium.

The programme has facilitated a partnership between Nourish Poultry and Hatchery Ltd. and Hendrix Genetics SASSO to trial colored/traditional broiler breeds in Bangladesh. The trial farm started operations in August 2023, through which technical trials will be conducted to test the impact of Hendrix Genetics’ SASSO (scavenger birds) on bird productivity. The flock consists of Slow growing Sassoli, Sasso blend fast, and Sasso blend Trad (medium-growing birds). 

SASSO and Nourish are jointly showcasing improved techniques for poultry farming, conducting research and trials with three SASSO breeds in Modhupur, Tangail, Bangladesh. Through these trials, the objective is to assess the performance of these breeds under Bangladesh’s environmental conditions, with the broader goal of fostering systemic improvements across the entire Bangladesh poultry industry and the possible introduction of high-yielding varieties in the industry.

Other partners of the PoultryTechBangladesh consortium include HATO Agricultural Lighting, Marel Mavitec B.V., Mavitec B.V., Aeres Training Centre International, Nutreco Royal Pas Reform, Van Aarsen International, Aftab Bahumukhi Farms Limited and Kazi Farms Group. 

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