Promoting Green Jobs and Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh

Rasel Rana
January 20, 2022
Promoting Green Jobs and Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh

LightCastle Partners has recently signed a contract with the International Labour Organization (ILO) for a research project titled, “Sector Focused Market Systems Study for Green Jobs and Entrepreneurship Promotion in Bangladesh.”

The overall aim of this study is to deep dive into the underlying obstacles and opportunities within economic sectors with high green potential, to ensure sustainable and inclusive economic development in the country through the creation of green livelihood opportunities by applying a Market Systems Assessment lens.

The scope of the study includes the analysis and comparison of prospective green growth sectors to determine the two most promising sectors for deeper analysis. A market systems lens will be adopted to study core market players, transactions, support functions, and relevant regulations, with the aim of analyzing underperformance, identifying skills needed for transition, and highlighting potential areas of intervention to promote green jobs and entrepreneurship.

For this study, LightCastle will conduct secondary market research, Key Informant Interviews (KIIs), and consultation workshops to compile and curate various stakeholders’ perspectives on Bangladesh’s green transition. A wide range of stakeholders will be interviewed, including policymakers, value chain actors, financial institutions, and researchers.

The study will generate actionable knowledge on potential green jobs and green entrepreneurship opportunities in Bangladesh for the next half-decade in the chosen sectors, in line with the Future of Work. The findings and recommendations will support the ILO’s future program design, strategic partnership development, and policy advocacy.

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