Startups of Bangladesh: The last decade and beyond

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July 11, 2021
Startups of Bangladesh: The last decade and beyond

“Bangladesh Startup Ecosystem: The Digital Goldmine”, report jointly produced by LightCastle Partners, with Support from Anchorless Bangladesh and Startup Bangladesh Limited, was presented in the webinar titled, “Startups of Bangladesh: The last decade and beyond”, organized by Chakri Khujbo Naki Chakri Dibo – An entrepreneurship advocating group.

The webinar’s goal was to bring together industry leaders to share their valuable insights on the current status of the startup ecosystem, its challenges, and opportunities from both startups’ and investors’ perspectives.

Mehad ul Haque, Project Manager and Sr. Business Consultant from LightCastle Partners, gave the keynote presentation presenting key highlights of the startup ecosystem from the report.

The session was moderated by Munir Hasan, General Secretary, BdOSN, and he was joined by a set of iconic panelists that include Shameem Ahsan, President, VCPEAB & MD, eGeneration; Taslima Miji, Founder, Gootipa; M Asif Rahman, Angel Investor & CEO, WPDeveloper; R H M Alaol Kabir, Research & Innovation Specialist, Team Leader, IDEA project; Fayez Ahmed, Investment Manager, Startup Bangladesh Limited.

Watch the session here

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