Workshop on Foundations of Data Science

LightCastle Editorial Wing
January 17, 2024
Workshop on Foundations of Data Science

LightCastle Partners recently organized an insightful half-day long workshop focusing on the fundamentals of Data Science on 3rd January 2024. The workshop, conducted by Dr. Shafat Mubin, currently an assistant professor at Valdosta State University in Georgia, USA, centered on using statistical tools for conducting data analysis. 

The session offered technical training and project-based learning, utilizing real-life data available on the Internet. Through this session, participants gained practical insights into applying these techniques to real-life data for their projects. The workshop covered when to use specific approaches, field-specific ideas, and industry applications, along with widely-used tools.

Crest awarded in the workshop on data science

Session’s Key Highlights:

  • Extracting data from various sources
  • Organizing and structuring data effectively
  • Identifying relevant data for analysis
  • Establishing patterns in data

Additionally, the session provided a comprehensive introduction to two essential software tools: SQL and Python. Participants learned the basics of these tools and discovered the most effective ways to utilize them. The workshop presented an excellent opportunity to enhance practical skills and understanding in the dynamic field of Data Science.

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