Public Disclaimer for Consumer Income and Expenditure Survey (CIES) 2023

LightCastle Editorial Wing
February 13, 2023

Date of Publication: 12th February 2023

Project Fieldwork Activity Dates: 13th to 24th February 2023

LightCastle Partners has been collaborating with development partners, the public sector, and private organizations to promote inclusive economic growth by designing and scaling interventions. Till date, we have consulted for 150+ global and local clients such as the Ministry of Women & Children Affairs, Ministry of ICT, World Food Programme, Embassy Kingdom of Netherlands, Swiss Embassy, USAID, BRAC, Meta, and more on over 250 projects. At LightCastle, we take a data-driven approach to create opportunities for growth and impact.

The Consumer Income and Expenditure Survey (CIES) is a household survey currently being conducted by LightCastle Partners to comprehend the impact of the prolonged inflation and economic turmoil on people’s standard of living, income, and expenditure. The study further aims to understand the current status of households’ spending and consumption patterns and changes over the past year. The data collection and subsequent analyses for CIES are intended to produce a comprehensive and nationally representative report that provides holistic perspectives on the shifts in spending behavior and the resulting impact on living standards across different income classes.

The scope of this study covers all eight divisions, encompassing the following regions:

From 13th to 24th February 2023, enumerators trained by LightCastle would reach out to randomly selected households for data collection. Each interview will focus on household-level consumption, income, expenditure, and demographic details. Ideally, the average length of the interview hovers around 25 to 30 minutes.

Adhering to LightCastle Partners’ non-disclosure policy, respondents’ answers and identities will remain confidential and anonymous. Their responses will not commit them to anything nor will they be used to identify their company/employer. The data obtained will only be used for internal research and analysis purposes and will not be shared with any external parties. Respondents’ views are appreciated in helping us shape a set of meaningful recommendations that will help identify social problems and areas of intervention.

We request the wholehearted and attentive participation of individuals and households in the above-mentioned areas. Through your candid participation and shared insights, our trusted enumerators can capture the data points necessary for collating, analyzing, and publishing the patterns and nature of economic turmoil and their impact on people.

List of trained and registered enumerators for CIES 2023:

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