Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy 

LightCastle Editorial Wing
January 15, 2024

1. Policy on Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

Our organization is committed to protecting our staff and stakeholders from all kinds of physical, social, and psychological harm, from sexual abuse, harassment, or any kind of misconduct. This policy is binding on all staff and applies to misconducts committed against both staff and non-staff, be it female or male, inside or outside office premises. 

1.1 What Is Sexual Harassment? 

Sexual advances, invitations, or expressions through physical, verbal, or other forms of communication without the consent of the recipient are considered Sexual Harassment or Sexual Misconduct. This includes, but is not limited to, the following acts: 

  1. Touching or attempting to touch any part of an individual’s body or clothing with sexual intent without the consent of the recipient.
  2. Any form of unwelcome contact including but not limited to hugging, kissing, pinching, or poking an individual without their consent. Repeatedly standing too close to or brushing up against a person without their consent.
  3. Usage of power, position, money, blackmail, or fear to extract sexual favors. This also includes conditions of promotion, awards, training, or other job benefits upon acceptance of unwelcome actions of a sexual nature.
  4. Threatening with sexual abuse.
  5. To call someone by inappropriate names with sexual intent.
  6. To comment on someone’s body, looks, clothing, age, or personal life with sexual intent or in a derogatory or objectifying manner or a manner that makes them uncomfortable.
  7. To make verbal noises (eg whistling, kissing noise, etc) suggestive of sexual intent.
  8. To ask private questions about one’s body or sex life without their permission.
  9. Suggestive jokes that are sexual in nature.
  10. Insisting on building romantic relationships even after repeated rejections.
  11. To repeatedly spread rumors about one’s sexual life or history.
  12. Sharing or exposing unsolicited imagery containing nudity, sexual intercourse, or any artwork suggestive of sex through online or offline mediums.
  13. Exposing oneself physically to another person without their consent.
  14. Stalking and following a person.
  15. Repeatedly and obsessively disturbing someone online or over the phone.
  16. Repeatedly subjecting a person to unwelcome sexual or romantic attention, including inappropriate compliments that are sexual in nature.
  17. Showing sexual gestures with hands or body.
  18. Recording someone’s photo, video, or audio recording that contains nudity or sexually explicit content and sharing them without their consent.
  19. Presenting gifts that indicate sexual intent.
  20. Verbal abuse of a sexual nature.
  21. Insults are based on the sex of the worker.

1.2 Our Policies Regarding Sexual Harassment 

  1. Zero Tolerance: LightCastle has a Zero Tolerance Policy on cases of sexual harassment. If found guilty, the staff will be immediately suspended and all ties between the organization and the perpetrator will be severed. All staff will be notified of this suspension through email and will be requested to sever ties with the perpetrator. Even if the misconduct occurred before the individual joined the service and it’s later discovered that they concealed this information during their joining process, they will face immediate termination.
  1. Evidence and Testimony: In cases of sexual harassment, the victim’s testimony will be considered with utmost priority. In cases of online harassment, screenshots or audio-visual recordings will be admissible as evidence. 
  1. Victim Protection: Victims will be assisted in reporting the misconduct to the authorities and even to the police if the victim deems it necessary. Victims will be kept anonymous in all official communications. Any attempt at silencing the victim with coercion, shaming, threat, or reward will be considered culpable to the same degree as the crime itself. If the victim is a staff, we will ensure their complete rehabilitation in the organization with full dignity. Any sort of shaming or guilt-tripping against the victim after the trial will be deemed punishable as well. 
  1. Gender Equity Team: An independent gender equity team comprised of 3 members will be charged to listen to all complaints of sexual assault, abuse, and misconduct. This team will autonomously investigate all complaints and provide verdicts accordingly. This team’s verdict will be absolute and irrevocable unless any new piece of evidence or testimony comes to light later on. The equity team will also provide regular equity briefings, especially to new staff to promote gender-friendly behavior in our workspaces. 

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