Syngenta Foundation’s Farmers’ Hub Model

LightCastle Analytics Wing
August 30, 2017
Syngenta Foundation’s Farmers’ Hub Model

The following case study has been developed based on LightCastle’s work with different development, public and private sector clients.

The Opportunity

Since 2013, Syngenta Foundation Bangladesh (SFB) has been successfully running an innovative Farmers’ Hub model in Northern Bangladesh, adding a new dimension to the country’s horticultural scenario. Because the project has positively touched the lives of several regional farmers and other agricultural players in the value chain, SFB aimed to franchise the model to local enterprises for scalability and sustainability.

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Our Approach

LightCastle Partners (LCP) entered the realm to help SFB build out a robust Franchising model. For this, LCP used a top-down approach. A series of both individual and collective meetings with every stakeholder – Syngenta Foundation Global, SFB, and local enterprises – were conducted upfront to define the range of project scope.

Next, LCP visited the regions and in consultation with the local management team and Farmers’ Hub owners, further refined the value creation area. While quantitative data was needed to understand the market size, potential, competition, financial viability et al., qualitative data was sought to establish HR structure, branding guidelines, and standard operating procedures – serving to capture and adapt the local context into a world-class franchising model.

The Future

LCP’s main goal was to facilitate the piloting of a franchisor model. To this end, LCP helped SFB in soliciting a suitable local social enterprise, co-creating business documents, training, and implementing the first local franchisor in Rangpur. Output-wise LCP delivered a financial calibration document, franchising feasibility study, business plans for both master franchisor and franchisor, standard operating procedure, and branding guideline documents.


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