LightCastle Conducts Sub-Sector Studies on Consumer Durables and Smartphones

LightCastle Analytics Wing
August 28, 2022
LightCastle Conducts Sub-Sector Studies on Consumer Durables and Smartphones

The Opportunity

Bangladesh’s effort to incentivize and nurture both export-led and import substitution sectors has led to the overall growth in manufacturing. Spearheaded by a rise in per capita income, growth in MAC population, electrification, and internet penetration has contributed to higher demand for smartphones, consumer durables, and computer hardware.

A leading multinational bank operating in Bangladesh commissioned LightCastle to conduct market assessment studies for evaluating the value chain, growth drivers, and market and market sizing of the mobile phone, consumer durables, and computer hardware sub-sectors.

The scope of the project was to take a holistic view and map the stakeholders to get an understanding of the industry, market, players, value chain, operating standards, challenges, and prospects.

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The Approach

To evaluate these sectors, a 4-step methodology was used that progressed as such:
Map: Stakeholder mapping across the value chain and development of research instruments
Reach: Collecting data and conducting interviews and surveys
Analyze: Data cleaning and analyzing the output through validation and triangulation
Develop: Developing actionable insights and constructing informative reports relevant to the decision-makers.

Scope of the Methodology

For the chosen sub-sectors, the first step entailed mapping the value chain that gave an outline of the market actors, their mode of operation, and their status and market power. The landscaping also considered external factors such as how and where the segments sourced their raw materials, the global and local challenges that persist, and the role of relevant policies (tax, import, trade policies, etc.).

The Output

The outcome of the study is expected to help the client make decisions pertaining to whether to invest/lend to players operating in the aforementioned sub-sectors. The bank will also support its existing client base by offering strategic recommendations based on the study findings.

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