To risk or not to risk – that is the question

Ivdad Ahmed Khan Mojlish
April 27, 2014
To risk or not to risk – that is the question

Recently one of my entrepreneurial-minded friends received a lucrative job offer from an esteemed development organization. I was delighted to learn about him considering it. What makes the news double thrilling is that the position in which he’s been accepted into, is typically meant for people having a greater experience – a background of 7-10 years in a relevant field. Considering the context, it’s got to be a killer offer; not to mention, the perks associated with it. I leave that imagination up to you.
Now, picture another setting. Few days back, I opened my inbox to find a short message from a former colleague. The message read: Dear Ivdad, I resigned yesterday. The new journey begins! My immediate reaction was beyond comprehension – unfettered happiness! And it’s incomprehensible because this reaction was not just of mere delight. For some reason, it meant so much more. It felt like someone just burst a series of balloons and a whole lot of glitters started falling from the canopy to the rising applause of a cheering audience. It just felt that much special.
So, circling back, why is it that I found more joy in one news over the other? Why would someone’s foray into apparent misery ignite more flames of elation versus another’s step into a world more lavish? In a quiet moment of reflection, I believe to have stumbled upon the answer.
My personal journey of thriving in start-up environments perhaps renders an inherent desire to see others embracing a similar lifestyle. A lifestyle where risk becomes your shadow, uncertainty turns into a friend, and a litany of sacrifices gets as familiar as the back of your hand. And yet, the smile on your face, the upbeat in your heart, and the zeal in your perseverance never fades. I suppose that’s what draws the line of demarcation between an entrepreneur and a non-entrepreneur.
We all have our own loves, insecurities, strengths, drawbacks, and other unique abilities. However, often times we forget to take these critical factors into consideration when we decide on what route we want to take. Figuring out where our distinctive desires and talents intersect will lead to the right outcome, inexorably tilting our respective level of happiness. The power of this force is not fully appreciated, or applied, in the inner walls of our conscience, but there’s no denying that its value and radiance in the world around is proven.
Life is all about choices. And just like that, start-up life is also a choice. You have to decide based on your interests which life suits you better, and importantly, happier. I have all the respect in the world for people choosing a life outside entrepreneurship. As long as you are happy, nothing else matters.
Life, as an entrepreneur to me, is absolutely rewarding. The very essence of trying to experiment with something of your own gives me a kick that is unparalleled. Ultimately, everyone needs to ask what ticks their wheels into motion. To me, the choice isn’t between success or failure. It’s between choosing risk and striving for immensity or risking nothing and settling into mediocrity.
Here’s wishing the very best to both of my comrades on their respective voyages!

WRITTEN BY: Ivdad Ahmed Khan Mojlish

Ivdad Ahmed Khan Mojlish is the Co-founder and Managing Director of LightCastle Partners. He loves to read, travel and passionately work at the intersection of development and technology. He has an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, and has previously completed BBA from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka.

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