Meta #SheMeansBusiness – Bringing Businesses Online in Bangladesh

LightCastle Analytics Wing
February 6, 2024
Meta #SheMeansBusiness – Bringing Businesses Online in Bangladesh

With a mission to unlock the entrepreneurial potential of women and foster a more resilient, inclusive, and equitable society, Meta launched the #SheMeansBusiness Program globally in 2016. This program serves as Meta’s commitment to advancing women’s economic empowerment through comprehensive digital and business skills training, and invaluable networking opportunities. The global campaign of #SheMeansBusiness is now operational in 38 countries; through the program, Meta along with its network of partners, has already trained over a million women worldwide.

In 2021, Meta partnered with LightCastle Partners to introduce the #SheMeansBusiness campaign in Bangladesh, united by their shared vision of facilitating women’s economic empowerment. The initial objective was to pilot the program, evaluating its effectiveness as a precursor to potential expansion across the country.

Recognizing the paramount importance of collaboration in achieving lasting impact, LightCastle strategically partnered with the ICT Division’s a2i and BWCCI – two organizations dedicated to advancing women’s economic empowerment with extensive networks across the nation.

The three-part infographics series and short video outline our approach, impact, and the way forward to cultivate lasting change within the ecosystem and propel female entrepreneurs in the country to unprecedented heights, realizing their fullest potential and contributing to a thriving economic landscape.

Infographic Part 1

Infographic Part 2

Infographic Part 3

Audiovisual Case Study

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