Impact of Coronavirus on Livelihoods: Low- and Lower Middle-Income Population of Urban Dhaka

    LightCastle Analytics Wing
    LightCastle Analytics Wing

    Bangladesh witnessed its first official casualty from the Covid-19 coronavirus on March 8, 2020. Conducted in early April, this study looks at the impact of Covid-19 on the livelihoods of urban low-income and lower middle-income working population of Dhaka.

    A total of 113 respondents, employed in Dhaka Division (segregated into Dhaka Metro, Greater Dhaka North and Greater Dhaka East) and residing in low and lower-middle-income communities, were surveyed via phone calls for assessing the immediate impacts of the pandemic on the economically vulnerable population segments.

    Based on the key findings, we have suggested specific recommendations geared towards policymakers and other relevant stakeholders.


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