LightCastle Partners’ Impact in Bangladesh: Fostering Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth

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April 4, 2024
LightCastle Partners’ Impact in Bangladesh: Fostering Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth

Over the past ten years, Bangladesh’s economy has grown significantly, reaching a GDP of USD 460 Bn. With a growth rate of 6.01%, Bangladesh is expected to become the 20th largest global economy by 2038. 

LightCastle has adopted a practical, data-driven approach, having completed over 300 projects and directly impacting over 500,000 lives since 2013. The report highlights LightCastle’s focus on building an inclusive society and economy, addressing challenges in sectors like Healthcare, Education, WASH, RMG, and Financial Services

Key Projects Driving Transformation

The Impact Report provides a glimpse into LightCastle Partners’ impact in Bangladesh. It features projects aimed at catalyzing economic growth, fostering enterprise development, promoting digital transformation, advancing gender equality, and enhancing financial inclusion in Bangladesh.

Inclusive Economic Growth Driven by Agriculture and Ready-Made Garments

Initiatives such as PoultryTech and FoodTechBangladesh aim to modernize agriculture and aquaculture sectors, enhancing productivity, and strengthening market linkages. The PoultryTech consortium, spearheaded by the Government of the Netherlands, is committed to transforming Bangladesh’s poultry industry by expanding capacity, enhancing biosecurity, fostering technology adoption, and supporting entrepreneurship. Looking ahead, the consortium strives to achieve significant production growth, promote sustainability, and stimulate trade driving economic advancement.

FoodTechBangladesh, also led by the Government of the Netherlands and coordinated by Larive International and LightCastle Partners, is committed to advancing sustainable aquaculture in Bangladesh. The project is designed to enhance the aquaculture value chain, improve technical skills among fish breeders and farmers, establish end-market connections, and strengthen Dutch-Bangladesh trade ties.

Through the establishment of three Centers of Excellence in key regions, the project showcases advanced techniques, conducts research, and provides technical assistance to hatchery owners and farmers. By fostering collaboration and innovation, FoodTechBangladesh seeks to drive sustainable growth and prosperity in Bangladesh’s aquaculture sector.

Empowering Communities: The Role of Ready-Made Garments

Projects like Bunon 2030 focus on empowering female garment workers amidst technological advancements and industry shifts. Bunon 2030, part of H&M Foundation’s “Oporajita” initiative, empowers Bangladeshi women garment workers amid key industry challenges like increased automation, decarbonisation, and the country’s impending LDC graduation among other transformative shifts.

It has conducted a comprehensive study of the RMG industry, resulting in a study report and two policy briefs, and initiated a year-long policy dialogue involving key stakeholders. By the end of the project, Bunon 2030 aims to enhance empowerment, promote inclusivity, strengthen sector competitiveness, and foster resilience within the RMG industry.

Enterprise Development by Mobilizing Private Capital

B-Briddhi, a gender-inclusive program in Bangladesh supported by Switzerland, aims to enhance the growth and scalability of impact enterprises through capacity building, catalytic financing, and policy advocacy.

Implemented by Roots of Impact and LightCastle Partners, it has facilitated nine IRMF transactions and three SIINC transactions while advocating for an improved framework for innovative finance. The program’s overarching goal is to strengthen the financial, social, and environmental performance of impact enterprises, ultimately enabling scalable growth and positive societal impact.

Digital Transformation for Inclusive Growth

LightCastle’s initiatives aim to bridge the urban-rural digital divide, enhance cybersecurity, and promote data-driven decision-making. Projects like the Farmers’ Hub for Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture aim to transform agriculture for smallholder farmers in Bangladesh by providing centralized agro-based services.

LightCastle Partners conducted a data analysis on 380 Hubs over three years to create an investment proposal report for potential investors. The project aims to create a commercially viable financial model for Farmers’ Hubs and promote sustainable, scalable solutions for smallholder farmers in Bangladesh by enhancing networks and facilities in the agricultural sector.

Advancing Gender Equality

Collaborative efforts like SheSTEM aim to address gender disparities in STEM fields, empowering women through skill development, industry-academia linkages, and advocacy. The “SheSTEM” program, supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, aims to foster skills, engagement, and inclusion in STEM careers among public university students.

By promoting collaboration among key stakeholders, the program seeks to unlock the full potential of women in STEM fields. Its objectives include inspiring and empowering women to pursue STEM careers, bridging the industry-academia gap, and advocating for greater inclusion and participation of women in STEM fields.

Financial Inclusion & Inclusive Growth

LightCastle’s initiatives explore regulatory sandboxes for CMSMEs, design digital financial services for women, and pioneer blended finance models to foster financial access and inclusive growth. The “Frontier Technology Policy Experimentation and Regulatory Sandboxes for Sustainable Development” project by UNDESA aims to address obstacles hindering the sustainable development of Cottage, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (CMSMEs) in Bangladesh.

Through focus group discussions, key challenges were identified, leading to the development of a regulatory sandbox focused on enhancing access to finance via the Smart Business Profile Platform. The platform aims to facilitate better access to finance for CMSMEs, with the ultimate goal of fostering sustainable development in the sector.

Looking ahead, LightCastle aims to continue its data-driven strategies, identifying and addressing systemic barriers for a more inclusive economy. The focus will be on targeted interventions, financial inclusion, and catalytic finance initiatives. LightCastle also remains committed to empowering women and advocating for sustainable practices to address climate change challenges.

As Bangladesh approaches almost half a trillion dollars and aims for middle-income status by 2041, LightCastle Partners remains dedicated to contributing to the country’s journey, ensuring inclusive economic growth for all.

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