LightCastle Partners Successfully Completes Phase-1 of ‘Export Launchpad Bangladesh’ Project with a Certificate Award Ceremony

LightCastle Analytics Wing
December 5, 2020

LightCastle Partners and TFO Canada, in association with International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (TFC)Business Promotion Council (BPC), and Global Affairs Canada, have completed the International Trade Capacity Building and Market Access Support Program, titled “Export Launchpad Bangladesh”. 

The two-month-long program started on the first week of October with train-the-trainer sessions to develop expert export trainers, followed by SME development training workshops. It concluded with a Certificate Award Ceremony at the end of November 2020. 

About Export Launchpad Bangladesh

Export Launchpad Bangladesh is a technical assistance project consisting of a train-the-trainers activity to consolidate international trade’s theoretical and practical aspects.

LightCastle Partners supported TFO Canada as the local implementation partner by coordinating participants’ selection, facilitating the training delivery process, and supporting the Export Launchpad program’s communications aspects.

29 technical trade professionals from BPC and eight other Trade Support Institutions (TSIs), Trade Promotion Organizations (TPOs), and Business Promotion Organizations (BPOs) in Bangladesh were nominated and prepared to train Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) interested in exporting their goods and services.

To graduate as an export trainer, the professionals had to demonstrate their export-based knowledge and training abilities to an external human resource consultant.

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