Grameenphone Accelerator 3.0 Batch 7 Investor Dealbook

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October 24, 2022
Grameenphone Accelerator 3.0 Batch 7 Investor Dealbook

Grameenphone Accelerator 3.0 is powered by the executive consortium members BetterStories Limited, LightCastle Partners and Upskill, which onboarded the 7th batch consisting of 6 startups on February 10, 2022. AirWrk, Game of 11, iPage, Lilac, OneThread and Onnow, the startups from this cohort presented their businesses in front of the investors, ecosystem builders and enthusiasts during the event.

Brief introduction of the 6 startups of the 7th batch of Grameenphone Accelerator 3.0:

Airwrk – Airwrk is an invite-only talent marketplace connecting Bangladeshi tech talents with full-time remote jobs from all over the world.

Gameof11 – GameOf11 is a daily fantasy platform where you can show your sports analysis skills and get rewarded. Fantasy sport means the ultimate engaging experience for fans and our mission is to build an online sports ecosystem for every sports fan of Bangladesh.

iPage – iPAGE is an AgriTech startup that enables small farmers to connect with the agri-value chain using data, machine learning, and AI. It is working to create an inclusive market system where smallholder producers can effectively avail of inputs and services to optimize their production practice per market demand.

Lilac – Lilac’s aim is to provide support to women through online health consultation and an E-Shop containing diverse products for women’s health and wellbeing.

OneThread – Onethread helps companies manage their projects with the easiest-to-learn solution in the market. They offer the most affordable pricing so that companies can adapt technologies to make their workflow smoother.

Onnow – Onnow (অন্ন) is an internet restaurant platform that aims to empower over 600,000 SME Restaurants in Emerging Markets to survive against tough competition from large restaurant chains by giving them access to their proprietary and popular virtual menu concepts, training, supply chain, and technology.

Grameenphone Accelerator 3.0, powered by three of Bangladesh’s leading ecosystem builders – BetterStories Limited, LightCastle Partners, and Upskill – is a gateway to the world for Bangladeshi founders that are global-first and can effectively achieve 10x growth. To learn more about the program, visit their website: Grameenphone Accelerator.

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