Biniyog Briddhi (B-Briddhi) Investor Dealbook 2022

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January 2, 2023
Biniyog Briddhi (B-Briddhi) Investor Dealbook 2022

The Biniyog Briddhi Investor Dealbook 2022 spotlights the startups that applied for and successfully secured SIINC and IRMF financing from Biniyog Briddhi. These startups span various industries, such as agri-tech, renewable energy, logistics, and energy tech, and impact thousands of lives. The startups featured here are Apon Wellbeing, HelloTask, iFarmer, iPAGE, Light of Hope, Romoni, Shuttle, Reverse Resources, and Solshare. The 2022 version of the Dealbook also features the program’s latest catalytic finance cohort: Agroshift and WeGro.

This Investor Dealbook was initially prepared and published by Biniyog Briddhi.

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Biniyog Briddhi offers catalytic funding to young enterprises looking to grow and scale their operations. It opens up exciting opportunities for investors to engage in impact enterprises capable of measuring their impact. Since 2020, 11 impact enterprises have collaborated with Biniyog Briddhi. Two possible forms of support for impact enterprises can apply – Social Impact Incentives and Impact Ready Matching Fund.

The Social Impact Incentives (SIINC) reward high-impact enterprises with premium payments based on the social outcomes they generate. The core objective is to incentivize the impact and increase the enterprise’s profitability and attractiveness to investors.

IRMF is a one-to-one matching fund targeting early-stage impact startups or startups with impact potential. The average ticket size is USD 100k, and the goal is to incentivize enterprises to establish and implement impact measurement and management practices.

B-Briddhi is a multi-year partnership between the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh, Roots of Impact, LightCastle Partners, and other stakeholders, including investors, private sector organizations, incubators, and support organizations for impact enterprises. It supports impact enterprises to have better access to innovative financing options and be better equipped to attract investors.

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