Keynote Presentation: Bunon 2030 Dialogue on Circularity and Competitiveness in the Apparel Sector

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January 10, 2024
Keynote Presentation: Bunon 2030 Dialogue on Circularity and Competitiveness in the Apparel Sector

In a bid to bring together diverse voices concerning the future of the apparel industry, LightCastle Partners, in association with The Policy Exchange of Bangladesh, organized a dialogue event focused on the themes of circularity, decarbonization, and competitiveness.

The dialogue event, attended by industry leaders, policymakers, development partners, innovators, and academics, explored the complexities of upcoming transformations impacting the industry in the coming decades. The inaugural dialogue is a part of the Bunon 2030 – a dedicated initiative to empower Bangladeshi women garment workers in the face of increasing automation, geopolitical turmoil, circularity, and decarbonization, among others, by fostering sector competitiveness.

The keynote presentation from the dialogue, titled ‘Bunon 2030: Circularity and Competitiveness Dialogue,’ serves as an immersive and comprehensive exploration into the realms of circularity and competitiveness within the context of Bunon’s strategic vision for 2030. The workshop aimed to provide an in-depth analysis and discussion platform, delving into the intricate interplay between circular business practices and the competitive landscape in the industry.

Download the Keynote Presentation from the Dialogue Event

Circularity and competitiveness dialogue presentation If you are interested to learn more Document download full report

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