Biniyog Briddhi’s 2023 Year in Review

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March 12, 2024
Biniyog Briddhi’s 2023 Year in Review

In 2023, B-Briddhi saw a thrilling year fueled by many encounters and activities that kept strengthening the Bangladesh Impact Ecosystem. Another year where we remained true to our promise of supporting the ecosystem by providing knowledge products, training, and fostering exchange between service providers, entrepreneurs and investors. It was a special year as it concluded phase I and entailed planning for the next 4 years of the programme. The conversations we held at every step in our journey brought us a new perspective on what B-Briddhi can achieve in its second phase which started in 2024! Let’s celebrate together! 

As we bid farewell to 2023, we’re thrilled to share some of the highlights from the Biniyog Briddhi program. From empowering impact entrepreneurs to fostering collaborative ecosystems, here’s a recap of our journey together:

Jan: Partnering for Impact – We kicked off the year, with ATEC signing the IRMF agreement to enhance their impact measurement practices, gathering data from rural and semi-urban customers more effectively.

🚀 Feb: Empowering Health InnovationCMED Health Limited signed the Social Impact Incentive (SIINC) agreement incentivising them to offer health screening services to low-income communities.

🌍 Mar: Bridging Gender Gaps – Our collaboration with Truvalu sparked meaningful discussions on Gender Lens Investing

💼 Jul: Shaping the Future – The Bangladesh Startup Summit featured a dynamic panel on the Future of Impact Ecosystem, underlining our commitment to genuine social impact through impact investing.

📈 Aug: Building Investment Readiness – We continued to empower ecosystem builders with our Investment Readiness Booster Workshop, equipping them with financial modeling and valuation skills.

🤝 Sep: Fostering Collaboration – Our Impact Ecosystem Excursion brought together 29 enterprises and investors fostering collaboration within the local impact landscape.

📊 Nov: Maximizing Impact – Our IMM Booster Workshop delved into ESG and impact investing, empowering organisations to measure and manage their impact effectively.

🌱 Dec: Sharing Insights – Our Peer-to-Peer Exchange event showcased the success stories of Apon Bazaar and iFarmer, inspiring others to leverage impact data for improving commercial operations. 

Throughout the year, our commitment to social impact remained unwavering. Together, we’ve made significant strides towards creating a more inclusive and sustainable future. Here’s to more impactful collaborations in 2024! 

Watch the Key Highlights from Biniyog Briddhi in 2023

B-Briddhi is a gender-inclusive programme supporting a thriving impact ecosystem in #Bangladesh where impact enterprises can grow and scale. This programme is supported by #Switzerland and implemented by Roots of Impact and LightCastle Partners.

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