LightCastle Partners at Larive Business Forum 2024: Fostering Inclusive Growth in Emerging Markets

LightCastle Editorial Wing
June 9, 2024
LightCastle Partners at Larive Business Forum 2024: Fostering Inclusive Growth in Emerging Markets

On May 2024, the Larive Group Emerging Markets Business Forum took place in the Netherlands, bringing together partners from 17 countries across Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa. Bijon Islam, CEO of LightCastle Partners, and Zahedul Amin, Co-founder & Director at LightCastle Partners, joined Larive Group partners in this forum and presented key insights on the emerging opportunities in Bangladesh, FDI growth, mergers and acquisitions potential and how LightCastle is supporting entrepreneurship and inclusive growth in Bangladesh. 

LightCastle Founders at the Larive Business Forum 2024

Key Highlights from the Forum

Bangladesh’s FDI Growth, Bottlenecks & Future Prospects

The LightCastle team highlighted the dynamic and evolving FDI landscape in Bangladesh, with inflows rising from USD 913 million in 2010 to USD 3.19 billion in 2023. This upward trend demonstrates the country’s growing appeal as an investment destination, driven by its expanding market and economic potential.

To further support this growth, Bangladesh is actively introducing new policies and promoting special economic zones aimed at facilitating its transition to middle-income status by 2026. These measures include incentives such as tax exemptions, duty-free imports for export sectors, and access to local financing for foreign investors.

However, the challenges persist, particularly in profit repatriation and financial stability due to the dollar crisis which needs to be addressed to sustain this momentum and build investor confidence. 

The participants at the forum emphasized the need for continuous policy enhancements and strategic public-private partnerships to fully capitalize on Bangladesh’s economic potential.

Bangladesh’s M&A Investment Potential: A Fresh Perspective for Global Investors

LightCastle discussed the unique position for M&A investment opportunities in Bangladesh within the global south. The country’s economic resurgence encourages new investments, particularly through M&As, as businesses seek strategic collaborations to capitalize on emerging market dynamics. This fresh investment perspective sparked the idea to explore non-traditional and emerging investment avenues in Bangladesh for the international audience of the forum.

Unlocking Private Sector Insights: Business Confidence Index 2023 Highlights

LightCastle presented the insights from the latest Business Confidence Index 2022-23, to showcase the promises of the private sector of Bangladesh. The study reflects Bangladesh’s response to global geopolitical unrest, resulting in a lower but positive confidence index this fiscal year. Positive sentiment stems from stable consumer demand and export opportunities while rising fuel costs and lower export potential contribute to negative confidence.

Zahedul Amin, at Larive Business Forum 2024

All partner organizations were aligned on the importance of focusing on SMEs and leveraging their potential. Concurrently, private sector conglomerates must collaborate with the government to address the bottlenecks faced by both entities and ensure a synergistic effort toward maximizing opportunities for sustainable economic growth.

In addition to presenting insights from Bangladesh, the LightCastle team also had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with Dutch innovators, entrepreneurs, and policymakers. Engaging with these leaders offered valuable insights into how the Netherlands has successfully navigated its economic challenges, established itself as a world leader in agriculture, and contributing to global challenges like climate change. 

Dutch innovators and startups at the larive bsuiness forum 2024

In addition to engaging with Dutch innovators and policymakers, the LightCastle team seized the opportunity to connect with participants from around the globe. Throughout the event, seasoned experts from other emerging markets spanning Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North American regions, shared their experiences and insights to promote a sustainable and inclusive global economy. This exchange facilitated an exploration of the challenges and opportunities in each market, fostering a dialogue that transcended geographical boundaries and opened the way for cross-pollination of ideas and solutions that could be localized to work in other countries. 

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