LightCastle conducts the 3rd Training Workshop for Meta in Jashore

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April 12, 2022
LightCastle conducts the 3rd Training Workshop for Meta in Jashore

LightCastle Partners in collaboration with Aspire to Innovate (a2i) of the ICT Division and Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BWCCI), conducted the third workshop in the Jashore region for Meta’s #SheMeansBusiness “Bringing Businesses Online in Bangladesh” program on March 31, 2022.

In this daylong workshop, a total of 24 entrepreneurs from various sectors consisting of food, fashion, and education, based in Jashore took part in this training. Previously, this training has been conducted in Dhaka and Chattogram regions.

Mustafa Hamid conducting training in Jashore

Meta wants to make digital literacy accessible to everyone and eradicate the digital divide between men and women entrepreneurs through their #SheMeansBusiness program. The program has been successfully running in 38 countries across the globe. In Bangladesh, the program has been launched this year to support SMBs which are primarily women-owned, in Bangladesh to gain digital skills and business financial management skills to strengthen their business resiliency. Through this training, the SMBs learned to leverage Meta’s digital tools for driving their business growth.

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The training covered modules on content creation and its best practices, usage of the page insights for online businesses, guidelines to create engaging content for the target audience, and building communities by creating Groups.

Participants of Meta Workshop in Jashore

The day-long training started with an opening speech and ice-breaking session with the trainers. After that, the program directly proceeded to the first module of the workshop which was on the content rule and its best practices. In this module, the participants received an in-depth understanding of the dos and don’ts of content creation on Meta platforms, specifically Facebook. Following that, there was a short break and then a session on creating effective content strategies. At the end of this module, participants proceeded to the lunch break.

In the second half of the session, participants were enlightened about the page management rules and how to use page insights to the benefit of their online business. And finally, the last module discussed how Facebook groups help in community building and what an effective group manager should do.

Certificate giving at Meta Workshop in Jashore

One of the participants, named Lopa Mirza says, “This workshop has been immensely helpful for all the attendees since we got a hands-on learning experience about the different tools provided by Meta for the growth of businesses. I believe that these lessons will add a lot of value to our entrepreneurial journey going forward.”

Sufia Mahmud Rakha, owner of Sananda Beauty Parlor and Boutique House and a participant in the workshop said, “The trainers have taught us the do’s and don’ts of our business page management very efficiently, and as such we have been immensely benefited by it. If we had gotten the training earlier, I feel we would have been able to grow much faster.”

Another participant, Anupama Mitra shed light on the benefits of the workshop in this digital era. Sharing her experience with the training she said, “In this day and age, every business owner must operate in the digital space. And through the training in the workshop, we have learned to use various tools provided by Meta to manage our business better while staying at home which is very important for working women like us who are primary caregivers for their family as well.”

Certificate giving at Meta Workshop in Jashore

Meta-certified trainers from LightCastle’s team – Sadia Afrin Anika, Mustafa Shahir Hamid, and Mrinmoy Sobhan – conducted the sessions. At the end of the workshop, each of the participants was presented with certificates. Rezwanul Haque Jami, Head of e-Commerce, a2i, ICT division joined the closing ceremony virtually and shared his closing remarks with the participants expressing that he is elated with the launch of this program in Bangladesh and he hopes this will help eradicate the digital divide in Bangladesh.

Watch the virtual launch of #SheMeansBusiness to know more about the project:

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