From Conducting Qualitative Research to Facilitating Systemic Change: Insights from the LightCastle Knowledge Conclave Q’1 2023

LightCastle Editorial Wing
April 12, 2023
From Conducting Qualitative Research to Facilitating Systemic Change: Insights from the LightCastle Knowledge Conclave Q’1 2023

LightCastle Partners strongly believes in the value of continuous learning and development for the personal and professional growth of its team members. Ultimately, this adds up to the company’s success and aids in the advancement of our mission of creating an inclusive knowledge-driven economy in Bangladesh. 

As a consequence, we nurture a culture of learning that stimulates curiosity, innovation, and originality, leading to improved problem-solving abilities and increased productivity. 

We arrange a variety of learning opportunities, also known as knowledge conclaves, including training programs, workshops, mentorships, and coaching sessions on a regular basis for our team to encourage constant innovation and skill development. 

Session 1, 23 February 2023: Qualitative Research and Analysis with Mr. Sanjir Ali

Data and research form the bedrock of everything that we do here at LightCastle Partners, whether it’s an internal decision or a client deliverable. Simply put, we let the data tell the story.  

However, data can be either qualitative, quantitative, or a mix of both. Since consultants at LightCastle deal with a lot of qualitative data, we kicked off our Q’1 2023 knowledge conclave series with a stellar session on qualitative research. 

Mr. Sanjir Ali, one of LightCastle’s Senior Business Consultants who is currently pursuing a research-based degree abroad, shared his insights on what is considered qualitative research, the difference between qualitative research and quantitative research, the importance of qualitative research, the different types of qualitative research, and the methods of analyzing qualitative data.

Mr. Sanjir Ali conducting the virtual session on qualitative research during the LightCastle Knowledge Conclave

He started off with a contrast between the key aspects of quantitative research and qualitative research. He progressed into different qualitative research approaches, going into comprehensive detail about comparative and retrospective studies. He concluded the session by dissecting several analysis methods for qualitative data.

The session was very interactive: Q/As were conducted throughout the session, and the audience members participated to actually provide real-life examples from their work, ask pertinent questions relating to things they are working on, and also give their own take on some of the points raised during the session. 

Session 2, 1 March 2023: Demystifying Systemic Change with Mr. Mohasin Kabir

Mr. Mohasin Kabir is a seasoned professional in the international development sector, with more than 15 years of experience under his belt. He has contributed to the design and implementation of more than 10 programs spanning Bangladesh and Indonesia throughout the years. He currently serves at Palladium as the Chief Technical Officer of PRISMA, a multi-year development program that focuses on poverty reduction in Indonesia. Prior to that, he worked for Swisscontact and SNV, a Dutch-based international development organization.

Since LightCastle works closely alongside many international development partners and has a direct stake in the success of many major developmental initiatives in Bangladesh, it is vital for consultants at LightCastle to understand what constitutes systemic change and how to facilitate it. 

Achieving systemic change is a primary objective for many development programs, yet it remains a significant challenge that many programs struggle to overcome. 

For our second knowledge conclave of Q’1 2023, Mr. Kabir shared his insights about the nature of systemic change and what sort of interventions can bring it into effect. His primary focus throughout the whole session was on ‘reaching scale sustainably.’

Mr. Mohasin Kabir conducting the virtual session on systemic change during the LightCastle Knowledge Conclave

He dissected the strategic framework of systemic change with examples. Moreover, he delved into the process of piloting an idea and how the transition from pilot to scale can be made while avoiding common risks and pitfalls. He concluded his session by providing additional reading materials and reading recommendations for the LightCastle team members in attendance. 

Session 3, 7 March 2023: How to Ride a Unicorn: Workshop on Designing a Content Marketing Strategy with Mr. Shahriar Amin

Over the years, LightCastle Partners has established itself as one of the most authoritative sources of information on the Bangladesh growth story, including the burgeoning Bangladeshi startup ecosystem, the MSME ecosystem, the major development projects, the implications of LDC graduation, annual budget analysis, and much more. 

However, as a B2B service-based organization operating in a complex and sensitive area of business, reaching the right audience on the right platform through the right medium can be a challenge. Therefore, we decided to take our efforts further by organizing a workshop on designing content marketing strategies. 

The session was held by Mr. Shahriar Amin, a renowned expert with 20 years of experience in brand marketing and development. Throughout his professional career, he has worked for some of the most renowned organizations in Bangladesh, such as GrameenPhone, Philip Morris Bangladesh, Akash DTH, and Japan Tobacco International (JTI). In addition, he has spent three years abroad working for Philip Morris Hong Kong. 

Mr. Amin is currently working as a brand consultant and an adjunct faculty member at ULAB and East-West University. He co-founded a healthcare startup called AmarLab and serves as its marketing lead.

Mr. Amin highlighted the clear distinctions between digital marketing and content marketing and how the latter is more effective in earning the confidence of one’s audience and easily converting them into clients. He shared his insights about marketing strategies that can be adopted by service-based businesses like LightCastle that need to build authority, brand awareness, and generate leads through B2B communication and networking.

Mr. Shahriar Amin conducting the physical session on content marketing during the LightCastle Knowledge Conclave

Comprehensive Q&A sessions were held at several points during the session, which led to lively and productive discussions about how to identify the target market, reach the right audience, establish a solid and coherent brand identity, and more.

He also shared many nuggets of wisdom from his corporate experiences, such as the strategies he adopted while working on projects like Djuice at GrameenPhone, launching Marlboro under Philip Morris, and the acquisition of Akij Group’s tobacco business while at JTI. These helped the LightCastle Partners team gain a broader understanding of brand marketing and go-to-market (GTM) strategies, in addition to content marketing. 

With this session, the LightCastle Knowledge Conclave Q’1 2023 came to a close. All three sessions provided extremely valuable learning opportunities for the LightCastle team and enhanced their overall knowledge and skills across multiple facets, ranging from facilitating systemic change in society to developing content marketing campaigns for service-oriented businesses. We are eagerly looking forward to many more successful and enlightening editions of the LightCastle Knowledge Conclave in the coming quarters. 

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